The Morning Briefing: Tucker Carlson Begins Nuking False J6 Narrative From Orbit

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Cresta truly believed that her intimate knowledge of Fabio commercials would one day be of use in the right kind of hostage negotiation.


When House Speaker Kevin McCarthy released 44,000 hours of previously unseen footage of the J6 insurrection that never was, the collective pants-wetting among the Democrats and their media vultures made it immediately clear that they feared what the American public might find out. They have, after all, been even more married to their J6 lies than their COVID-19 lies ever since President LOLEightyonemillion got into office.

Tucker Carlson began slow-playing the rollout of some of the footage on Fox News last night. Before the show aired, Victoria gave a preview of what we might see:

Miranda Devine reports at The New York Post that Carlson will roll out his initial five segments Monday and Tuesday. She reveals that Carlson noticed how the January 6 Committee embellished imagery and video displayed in the House of Representatives by scoring it with scary music, screams, and crowd noise. Surprise, surprise.

In the last dozen years or so, whenever anyone on the left has been caught red-handed on video, the media has invariably claimed that it was “heavily edited” or “doctored.” None of it was true. Now, here they are once again getting caught doing to others exactly what they accuse others of doing to them.

You get a lot of that with these people.

After Carlson released Round One, Victoria shared some of that:

In the first of his exposés about January 6, Carlson displayed a video that basically blew up the narrative about the day that Democrats claim was worse than 9/11. Video Carlson exposed on Monday night and will again on Tuesday showed that the lies about that day began immediately.

Carlson set up and knocked down three stories that have persisted since the riot at the Capitol Building.

Exhibit A is Jacob Chansley, whom Carlson chose to highlight first. Chansley is in federal prison for being the “QAnon Shaman.” Video shows that Chansley wasn’t an out-of-control rioter, didn’t interrupt a proceeding, and was given a personal escort by dubious police.


It’s good that Carlson led with the Chansley video. For the last two years, the lying Democrats have made him the face of their fake insurrection. They’ve practically given him mythical status, all but saying that he was going to singlehandedly overthrow the United States government.

The video Carlson released last night (which is in Victoria’s post) doesn’t paint a portrait of an insurrectionist madman at all. We see Chansley casually strolling through the Capitol with policemen in what appeared to be more of a holiday tour outing than an insurrection. The Capitol Police officers were obviously not threatened by Chansley and, as Carlson put it, “they acted as his tour guides.”

Other than Chansley’s questionable attire — he really should have been wearing more layers in January — it all appears to be very calm and normal. There is most definitely not any conflict.

This is the real “big lie” in America. The J6 insurrection is as fake as the Russia collusion from the 2016 presidential election. What the Democrats have done to the lives of American citizens to perpetuate their lie is unconscionable.

The rest of what Carlson has to reveal will no doubt make the Democrats involved in this sham look even worse. The people they’ve incarcerated should be freed, and everyone involved in getting them locked up should be immediately rounded up in a big paddy wagon and left to rot.


Unfortunately, the real criminals here are all backed by a corrupt Department of Justice and won’t be facing any consequences in the near future.

They will also continue to lie about everything because that’s who the Democrats are. They double down on their falsehoods while standing in front of mountains of evidence that expose their prevaricating ways. We can also expect their media mouthpieces to spend the next several days telling us that we really didn’t see what we just saw.

But we did.

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