The Morning Briefing: Forget Decorum—Republicans Need to Be in Street Fight Mode

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Anselm’s Tiddlywinks prowess had won him renown, but he really longed to be known as the Marmalade King of San Bernardino County.


Back in the Tea Party movement boom years from 2009-2012, I was still surrounded by a lot of Democrats, both in my public and private lives. I had co-founded the Los Angeles Tea Party, which didn’t seem to faze my lefty friends in stand-up. We made it work. We always had.

My how times have changed.

Gone are the days when Republicans and Democrats could go at each other’s throats over politics for a while, then grab a beer and talk about anything else. There’s a tension now that may not ever go away.

That’s why expecting members of Congress to be slobbering all over each other in a group hug under any circumstances is ridiculous.

Some Republicans were simply not in the mood for more of President LOLEightyonemillion’s pathological lying during the State of the Union Address and weren’t shy about expressing their feelings.

Mitt Romney, of course, sat idly by and admired his latest manicure.

There has been some whining about a lack of “decorum” at the SOTU, which Chris wrote something about:

“This kind of thing is supposed to be a no-no at State of the Union addresses, which take our democratic institutions and submerge them in all the pageantry of the ancient Persian court,” points out Matt Purple at The Spectator World. “The president is supposed to be a sun-god in these moments, with everyone else his captive worshippers.”

Some critics have decried the “heckling” — or, as PJ Media’s own Rick Moran referred to it in a team Slack channel, “just speaking truth to power” — on the part of some GOP members, but one freshman member of the Republican delegation says that the president should have seen it coming.

Rep. Andy Ogles (R-Tenn.) told The Spectator World that Joe Biden had it coming for the way he dissembled and for the tone he used toward Republicans.

“I think him standing in the dais and lying to the American people is inappropriate,” he told The Spectator.

“If you’re going to have the audacity to do that, don’t be surprised that you get pushback from those who are being levied with accusations,” he added. “So I would say what was inappropriate is his tone.”


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

For far too long, Democrats have been able to run roughshod over Republicans with lies, only to be met with next to no resistance. GOP etiquette dictated that everyone remain above the fray, no matter how much the Dems prevaricated. The Republicans would then adjourn to the Capitol Hill Club for huzzahs and harumphs all around, while the Democrats when out and sold their lies to voters.

Matt wrote a VIP post noting the media’s double standard when it comes to such things. That’s to be expected, however. MSM hacks routinely fawn over bad behavior by the Democrats, especially since 2016. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been one ongoing tactless tantrum since she got into office. The Dems’ flying monkeys in the mainstream media treat every word-barf of hers as Shakespearean brilliance, even though all she ever does is reaffirm her status as America’s Dumbest Bartender.

To a man and woman, Republicans in Congress need to be far less decorous, especially until November 2024. Put more plainly: less Mitt Romney, more Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Decorum and bipartisanship should be anathema to any Republican in Congress who is serious about kicking the Democrats’ creeping commie threat squarely in the groin and slowing this nonsense down a bit.

When you are in a street fight, you don’t worry about what people are going to think afterward. You think about doing whatever you can in the moment to survive. That’s the mentality Republicans should have right now. You can still have a brick thrown at your head while hanging around above the fray. Too many in the GOP still haven’t yet digested that reality.


The Senate is a lost cause as long as Mitch the Squish is pulling the strings. The fighting burden falls on the Republicans in the House. Maybe George Santos can teach them some things he learned when he was the heavyweight champion of the world (I couldn’t resist — Santos makes it too easy).

Seriously though, I would love to spend the next 20 months reading about how indecorous and mean Republican members of Congress are. It will let me know they’re focused.

And willing to throw some political punches for the American people.

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