The Morning Briefing: Republicans Need to Avoid a RINO Stampede in 2023

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Ansel felt that his folklórico classes leveled up after he began his weekly kale cleanses.


Life in Republican Land has been a bit surreal since November 8, 2022. After months spent breathlessly awaiting the red wave’s arrival, dealing with the underwhelming aftermath has been unpleasant.

At least for us rank-and-file voting types out here in regular America.

Some of the Republicans in Washington don’t seem to be fazed by not having a big majority and the expectations that would go along with that. In fact, it seems as if some of them are in a hurry to squander what little political capital they did manage to accrue last month.

On the House side, there’s the squabble over who will be the next speaker. While I know I advocated for change at the top, I was hoping it would be decisive and not have such a dysfunctional circus atmosphere to it. The kids better figure this out quickly or their moment of triumph is just going to be so much televised mockery.

Over in the Senate, the Republican invertebrates look like they’re ready to behave as if the Democrats have an overwhelming majority.

As soon as Mitch McConnell had secured another stint as Senate minority leader, he went into surrender mode, indicating that he was willing to cave to the Dems on some hot-button issues. Whatever conservative inclinations or fortitude McConnell picked up during the Trump years are long gone, and he’s back to being Mitch the Useless Squish.

The latest Republican to take a leave of his senses is Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), who has teamed up with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) to give some legislative love to Barack Obama’s hideous Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which I wrote about yesterday.

In the Swamp-addled minds of congressional Republicans, the best way to fight the Democrats is to become more like them on major issues like gun-control or, in this case, amnesty.


This would have been a bad idea even back in the days when the Democrats weren’t clinically insane. There is no justification whatsoever for it now that the Democrats have gone off the progressive-left deep end. Here’s my conclusion to the above-linked column:

Call me cranky, but I’d prefer to not have to deal with the very real negative consequences of a porous border simply because Kyrsten Sinema batted her eyes at a Republican from North Carolina and made him and his squish buddies think that they might get to dance with her at homecoming.

The death of this great Republic is being greatly hastened by congressional Republicans who have a pathetic and almost pathological need to be liked.

The out-of-touch Beltway Republicans don’t seem to grasp that their party is probably no more than two elections away from being relegated to permanent minority party status. At times, it looks like a lot of the GOP members of Congress are trying to settle into the role early.

Slim majority or no majority, this is the time to fight. Capitulation shouldn’t even be a remote option. Each little move like Tillis’s is the political equivalent of gleefully digging one’s own grave.

A grave that President LOLEightyonemillion and his commie minions can’t wait to dance on.

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

Just for fun, let’s begin with some nonsensical hate mail today.

This is from S Joseph Somethingorother:

Dear Mr Kruiser,
Amazing how you can string sentences together that constantly spew lies and hate.  No wonder you have no comment section. But then if you did I’m sure no criticism of your “op-eds” would be printed. Just wanted to let you know there are people reading your crap that are not taken in at the least.


First: We do have a comment section. You have to have a job and pay for it with your own money, which is why there aren’t many leftists participating.

Second: You were able to get to me via email just fine, so it’s not as if I’m ducking anyone.

Third: Hate clicks count the same as regular clicks, so thanks for reading.

Alex writes:

Loved your line from another article where you described democrats as legacy voters who vote the same as their parents. I’ve said the same thing for years except I call it inbred partisanship. That’s where people vote Democrat.- even though they might not if they were voting blind, and even though it goes against their stated beliefs and self interest- because their parents worshiped at the altar of Saint John the philanderer Kennedy, grandparents kissed the ground wheeled over by King Franklin Roosevelt, great grandparents voted for William Jennings Bryan 3 times, and great great grandparents wished that Lincoln would have minded his own damn business!

The legacy thing is something that I’ve noticed since I was a young activist. I’ve had it constantly confirmed by anecdotal evidence over the years. After a lot of time and a mountain of anecdotal evidence, it just becomes evidence. The Democrats get away with keeping the legacy voters around with minimal effort because they’re very good at packaging and selling their nonsense. They don’t actually have to provide value for their voters, they simply need to tell them that they’re going to.

Thanks to Stephanie for this note:

I enjoy your column very much!  It’s like a sandwich of politic/reality on funny bread (2nd sentence & video).

By the way “It’s like impressionist punditry.”  is a perfect explanation!
Please keep it up!


I’m glad you like that! Both my stand-up and my writing are best enjoyed by people who don’t expect much linearity from me. Impressionism for the win!

This is from Wendy:

I, too, vote for “Sine qua non sequitur.”  (Not a fan of Peeps but it gave me a good chuckle.)

Your take on life and politics is so refreshing. We live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Need I say more?!  I learn more about what’s going in our state from you and PJ Media than I do from  Thanks for good and informative and humorous reading every weekday with my morning coffee.

Always love knowing when you’re in town.

Ann Arbor may be full of commies, but, damn, there’s some good food and beer there. I didn’t get into town when I was there over Thanksgiving. We just hung out at my sister’s, drank beer, and watched a lot of football. It was weird because there are now some places that are regular haunts of mine (Cafe Zola, Zingerman’s Road House, Conor O’Neill’s, to name a few) that I really missed not hitting on the trip. I’ll be back as soon as things warm up! #SineQuaNonSequitur 

We will finish with this from Suzanne:

Good morning. I’m a retired educator from NYC…I’ve written to you before and I’m always so happy when you write back… ..In the past few years, I have learned more from reading your column, and those of the other PJMedia columnists, than in all of my years preparing to be a teacher.

My day begins with you and then I continue down the list reading whatever I might have missed the day before…………Keep it up. I’m learning and laughing every day!

Well, thank you very much, Suzanne! I’ll be sure to pass this along to my esteemed colleagues. This is the kind of reinforcement that makes me want to keep things buzzing along at a high level and get better whenever I can.


Thank you to all who wrote in and now it’s time to fill up Friday’s Mailbag!

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