The Morning Briefing: Lefties Use Gorbachev's Death to Remind Us That They LOVE Commies

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Mikhail S. Gorbachev, who we last heard from when MTV still played music videos, exited this mortal coil yesterday and went to the Great Politburo in the Sky.

While I generally consider myself to be well informed I have to admit that I thought Gorby checked out at least twenty years ago. That’s probably because he was a mere footnote to the demise of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Of course, commie-loving American leftists don’t see it that way. Our sister site Twitchy anticipated the lovefest that we’re sure to be subjected to from the mainstream media in the coming days.

Sure, Gorbachev may have been a softie compared to most of his predecessors, but he was still mostly just the unfortunate shmuck who happened to be in power when the United States was blessed with a real president who had no patience for the commie nonsense. The Soviet Union was no doubt headed for doom as soon as old Vlad Lenin decided that its people could be sacrificed on the altar of a global domination pipe dream. Ronald Reagan — with assists from Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II — greatly hastened that doom.

Spencer tells the story at Townhall about Reagan’s defining moment with Gorbachev:


Of the Cold War meetings between Gorbachev and Reagan, one of the most consequential was their October 1986 summit in Reykjavik, Iceland. The Soviets likely knew they’d ultimately lose an arms race to the United States and desperately wanted Reagan to kill off America’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI, aka Star Wars).

Despite Gorbachev’s attempts to coax Reagan to stop the program with an offered concession for Russia to limit its long-range weapons, Reagan stuck to his guns and refused to budge. In the end, Reagan left Reykjavik without a deal, one of the major examples of his winning “peace through strength” foreign policy.

Reagan was going on his gut with that move, by the way. His advisors were telling him not to do it and to make a deal. SDI used to be roundly mocked by the American left then too. “Star Wars” was an epithet, meant to mock what they thought was Reagan’s cowboy folly.

But of course, it’s Gorbachev who is remembered fondly by the media. The New York Times says that he presided “over the end of the Cold War.”

In reality, Gorbachev was along for a ride that he knew he had to go on. Ronald Reagan was always the driver.

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