The Morning Briefing: Democrats' Georgia Lies Are Being Laid Bare

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Sherwood takes offense to anyone who casts aspersions upon his seemingly obsessive love of Nepalese yaks.


The state of Georgia has been in the hot mess political spotlight since its gubernatorial election in 2018 when the thoroughly execrable Stacey Abrams lost to Brian Kemp. Abrams was then released into the national political conversation, like poison into a city’s water supply.

Abrams is a toxic person who can’t open her mouth without lying. She lies about the 2018 election she lost. She lies about Georgia’s efforts to address the glaring irregularities that plagued the state in the 2020 presidential election.

She’s now added a new wrinkle to her foul shtick: dumping all over Georgia even though she is once again trying to become its governor. Our Georgia resident Chris wrote the story:

Now she’s on her second attempt to ruin Georgia, and over the weekend, she proved once again that she hates the Peach State. On Saturday, she told a gathering of Democrats in metro Atlanta, “I am tired of being told that we are the best state in the country to do business when we are the worst state in the country to live.”

She seems super nice.

Abrams has also been the loudest voice lying about Georgia’s voting reforms. Her false narrative became the Democrats’ false narrative.

The early voting numbers from Georgia are absolutely destroying that narrative. Guy has the story over at Townhall:

The lying hypocrisy was clearly lying hypocrisy all along.  Back when Georgia’s voting reforms were being debated and passed, Stacey Abrams shamefully termed them ‘Jim Crow 2.0‘ — and even more shamefully, President Biden went further, saying that Georgia Republicans’ efforts were worse than the government-mandated, bigoted discrimination of Jim Crow segregation.  As the new law was implemented, major Georgia-based companies, caving to the hard Left’s aggressive disinformation campaign, spoke out against Gov. Brian Kemp and the Republican-held legislature.  Boycotts were launched, encouraged from the Oval Office.  Major League Baseball, which hosts its headquarters and Hall of Fame in a state with many more “suppressive” voting restrictions, yanked its All Star Game out of Atlanta.  Shrill talking points deployed against the law were demonstrably factually false.  Biden attacked its supporters as modern day equivalents of Confederates and segregations, and ‘domestic enemies.’  Remember this disgrace?



Or not.

Just over 320,000 early and absentee votes at this point in the 2018 cycle.  Now, with worse-than-Jim-Crow suppression in effect, that number exploded to more than 850,000 votes.

That’s such a staggering change that even the professional liars at the Democratic National Committee will have an impossible time spinning it. We can be certain that the pathological liar Abrams will find a way to address it that isn’t reality-based at all. Given her past remarks, she’ll really struggle to explain this away:

It’s a shame that Abrams and the rest of the Democrats (including the village idiot masquerading as president) can’t be held criminally responsible for incessantly lying about Republicans and voter suppression, which they’ve been doing for decades. They refer to anything having to do with election transparency as “racist” and “suppression.”

They keep saying that they don’t cheat during elections but then lose their minds over anything that makes them more secure.

Innocent people don’t do that.

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