Stacey Abrams Kicks Off Her Second Attempt to Ruin Georgia

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If she had had her way, this would have been Stacey Abrams’ re-election campaign kickoff. Thank God the people of Georgia knew better four years ago. Instead, Abrams kicked off her second attempt to ruin her home state on Monday night.


“I want you to join with me to make joy for Georgia,” Abrams told supporters. “To make opportunity for Georgia. To bring success to Georgia. I want you to stand with me. I want you to run with me, and I want you to win with me. Because in November of 2022, we’re going to become the governor of the great state of Georgia. Of one Georgia.”

Abrams is calling her campaign kickoff the “One Georgia Tour,” in an obvious attempt to try to carve out a path as a uniter, much like the Biden campaign did in 2020. But the reality is that she’s a clear divider.

Myah Ward reported on the event for Politico, but Ward’s reporting is so full of hagiography — much of it created by Abrams herself — that Ward looks like a fangirl.

Ward calls Abrams “the top Democratic voice, known for her voting rights work and credited with turning Georgia blue in 2020.”

For starters, Abrams’ “voting rights work” is more grievance-mongering than anything else, and Georgia didn’t exactly “turn blue” in 2020. It’s true that suburban voters broke for Biden in the presidential race, but the state’s two Senate seats only went Democrat because skittish GOP voters stayed home for the runoff elections after there were questions about the veracity of November’s elections. Had those Republicans shown up, both Republican candidates would likely have won.


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Abrams also tried to make herself sound like a miracle worker when it comes to healthcare, and Ward dutifully reported it. The candidate related a story about helping her father get the best care possible when he was battling cancer.

“You see, I was able to pick up the phone and call. I was able to get him to a world-class hospital,” Abrams told the story. “He was able to get the care he needed, and when he ended up being back in the hospital for eight days, he had the support he needed. It makes no sense that in the state of Georgia, if he’d been a few miles away or a few counties away, my father would not be with us here today. That is a solvable problem. And by God, as governor of Georgia, I am going to fix it.”

Abrams isn’t pointing out any failures in Georgia’s hospital system here. Instead, she’s proving that she’s a good daughter who would do anything to make sure her father is taken care of.

Ward’s most unintentionally funny line was when she referred to the campaign kickoff as coming off of “a quiet few months since Abrams announced her bid for governor in December.” It’s hilarious — and completely false — because Abrams hasn’t been quiet.


For starters, she inserted herself into the headlines in January when she announced publicly that she wasn’t going to attend Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ “voting rights” political theater in Atlanta. Then last month, she appeared on The Daily Show to boldly compare her sore loser status and manufactured grievance to the plight of the Ukrainians. Neither action is the mark of someone who has been quiet or kept a low profile.

Buckle your seatbelts, folks, because Abrams is going to continue to get this type of softball coverage and hagiography as she battles Gov. Brian Kemp (or maybe David Perdue, but that’s not likely) in her latest attempt to ruin the state of Georgia.


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