The Morning Briefing: Elon Musk's New Stake in Twitter Makes Things Fun Again

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Reject most of what you hear about the aphrodisiac properties of Brussels sprouts.


Just when I think the news cycle is about to go on an extended mundane streak, the universe surprises me. A good surprise, no less. Let’s face it, there’s been a dearth of them these last couple of years.

Billionaire Elon Musk did a most billionaire-y thing yesterday when he bought a chunk of Twitter after having hinted at starting his own alternative upon growing frustrated with the social media giant. Stacey wrote about it for us:

Following Twitter’s suspension of the Babylon Bee, Elon Musk appeared to get a little irritated. In late March, Musk asked his more than 80 million followers what to do about Twitter’s failure to adhere to free speech principles:

With the plethora of new platforms emerging, many followers and commentators suggested that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO just buy Twitter. Musk once again proved that his timeline is one to watch because he’s willing to spend a gobsmacking amount of money in response to a Twitter poll. Musk just bought a 9.2% passive stake in the company. Talk about sending a message.

That 9.2% makes Musk Twitter’s largest shareholder now, which is kind of delicious. Yes, it’s a passive stake, which, in theory, means he won’t be influencing the company, but this is still a bold move. Musk really doesn’t do anything passively. In fact, he wasted no time stirring things up, tweeting a poll that addressed and poked fun at what is one of the most frequent complaints of all Twitter users:


And even though the stake is passive, one of the fragile Twitter fascists was broken by Musk’s purchase:

The poor dear. Bless his heart. Let’s hope many of his woke coworkers follow him out the door.

A good many of us in conservative media originally met through Twitter. We used to have a lot of fun there. We have been lamenting the lack of that in recent years. We may not know what the long-term consequences of Musk’s big money play will be, but he certainly made things interesting again yesterday. The company is full of fragile people who grew up in the participation trophy era. They may say that they’re “protecting users from bullies, bigots, & spam,” but the criteria only apply to people who disagree with Twitter’s radical leftist bent.

Musk’s move is no doubt causing some consternation among Twitter employees, who really are vehemently anti-free speech.

Let’s hope he makes them sweat some more. This is fun to watch.

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