The Truth Hurts: Two 'Key' Executives Quit Trump's Truth Social Media

AP Photo/John Raoux

Truth Social’s rocky start just got rockier as two key executives have quit the social media platform backed by Donald Trump.

Reuters reported Monday that Josh Adams and Billy Boozer — the Truth’s chiefs of technology and product development — have both left. It’s unclear at this time whether they resigned voluntarily or were forced out.

Not good, as Trump himself might say.

Truth Social was supposed to have two big draws at launch.

The first was that the platform would have no censorship or shadowbanning. However, Truth Social earned catcalls from the Left when it was revealed that the terms of service included strictures against users who might “disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm, in our opinion, us and/or the Site.”

The other big draw was supposed to be Trump, himself.

While Trump has an account on Truth Social, he has yet to post more than a single item there, nearly six weeks after the platform’s launch. Instead of the classic mean tweets I’d signed up for, Trump’s only Truth post is a placeholder item promising, “Get Ready! Your favorite President will see you soon!”

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There have been reports that Trump was “angry” over the site’s “shaky launch,” and let me tell you: He has every right to be.

I signed up the first day — or, like Matt Margolis, tried to — hoping for a fresh social media experience.

What I got was on a waiting list where I was stuck for nearly two weeks.

When my waitlist turn came up, the sign-up process was not easy:

This morning I received another email (two, duplicates, actually) saying my account was ready and to follow the link to activate it.

So I did. The link took me to my profile — a page that doesn’t exist. In fact, the Truth Social website doesn’t do anything at all except direct people to download the app. You can either use the iPhone app (sorry, Android users, at least for now) or nothin’.

Why did the email take me to a nonexistent webpage on a nonfunctional website? Who knows. It seems like the different Truth teams aren’t exactly in sync.

Major features like direct messages still aren’t working. Four weeks ago, I praised Truth’s developers for “taking time rolling out features until they’re ready.”

Six weeks after launch, they still aren’t ready.

The Android app isn’t ready, either, effectively silencing millions of Android-using Trump fans.

Truth Social still doesn’t work in a web browser — where I do virtually all of my social media activities.

Is it any wonder that Truth’s technology chief and head of product development aren’t there any longer?

Trump should have given Boozer and Adams the classic “You’re fired!” even before the launch, when it must have been clear to all involved that they just couldn’t handle the Truth.


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