The Morning Briefing: Biden Weaponizes Dept. of Education to Become the COVID Mask Gestapo

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. That dude in the meadow with the French horn and the gnu is kinda freaking me out. I don’t even have a meadow.


Is anybody else out there reading maudlin dystopian science-fiction just for the pick-me-up?

Just me?

Well, I’ve got some good news this morning: We won’t be leading off with something about Biden and Afghanistan. Not that there isn’t still plenty of that, it’s just that I thought shaking it up a little would be best for the sanity of all concerned.

Maybe “good news” was a stretch. “Different news” is more apropos. We all know that there isn’t much in the way of good news here in Joe Biden’s America.

The mask fetishists have really been letting their freak flags fly under the cover that Biden’s Afghanistan cock-up has been giving them. They get creepier by the hour. Seriously, these people need to be rounded up and put in some sort of leper colony for fascists. They will be free to keep the masks on their enraged faces all they want.

They’re empowered by a government that is now in the hands of people who are all too casual about using its might against any citizens who don’t agree with them. I’m not talking about criminals, I’m talking about law-abiding Americans who are merely running afoul of the liberal narrative du jour. We saw it happen when Barack Obama was president and he sent the IRS after conservative tea party groups.

Now, President Sniffsakid has directed the Dept. of Education — the most useless of all the Cabinet agencies — to legally harass the states that aren’t trying to suffocate school children with masks.

Megan covered the lunacy for us:


In case you were under the impression that every government institution isn’t irreparably infiltrated by liberty-hating scum, I regret to inform you that the Department of Education has launched an obviously political hit-job disguised as an “investigation” into the last five free states in America for rejecting mask mandates for schoolchildren. It’s not enough for our overlords that a vast majority of the United States forces kindergartners to inhale their own carbon dioxide through snot-filled rags for six hours a day, but every single state must comply with the unscientific masking mandates to stop the spread of COVID—or they will be punished with lawfare and government agency-directed witch hunts.

For the record, there isn’t one current study that shows masking had any effect on the transmission of the virus. In fact, the CDC was caught with its pants down after hiding the fact that one of its own studies showed that masks in schools don’t do anything significant to “slow the spread”of COVID. But you are to ignore the facts in favor of the feelings of hysterical people who want to control you and what you wear on your face for the rest of your life because… just do it, peasant! 

“Department of Education” is probably the most inappropriately named government entity in history. It’s a cash-guzzling bureaucratic behemoth that has presided over a continued dumbing-down of American public school kids for decades.

The government spendthrifts who run the DoE are concerned with only one thing: keeping the unholy grifter’s dance with the teachers’ unions moving. They do this while pretending to care about kids. Megan was having none of that:


And I guffawed out loud when I read that the Department of Education goons who are attempting this intimidation shakedown of the last free states in America claimed they suddenly care about “in-person” education. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…don’t make me choke on my own bitter tears. It is terrible buffoonery to claim that anyone in our federal government cares about “in-person” education after they spent a year and a half demanding everyone stay home and belittling anyone who said children were suffering from the separation from their teachers and friends. The parents like me who sounded warning bells in 2020 were mercilessly attacked as selfish grandmother-killers. I recall this vividly. But now the government wants you to believe it cares deeply about face-to-face education. Sure.

One thing that the Wuhan Bat Flu annus horribilis did for America was make it clear that the teachers’ unions are evil and entirely unconcerned about the education of our children. The DoE is the federal entity that enables them. While the COVID mask fetish is being used as the excuse for the DoE to target Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah for — I kid you not — civil rights violations, it is well worth noting that all five states are also right-to-work states.

Our sister site Twitchy featured some choice responses to the “civil rights” nonsense and I just had to share my favorite:


Once more, with feeling: None of this is about public health. It’s about a government running amok and getting disturbingly comfortable with its totalitarian tendencies.

We’ll all soon be waiting for knocks at the door in the middle of the night.

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