Banish Democrats From Office Until They Elect Some Non-Commie Adults

Banish Democrats From Office Until They Elect Some Non-Commie Adults
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Remember WAY back in 2020 when we would occasionally think, “I can hardly wait until this year is over.” Even before the presidential election debacle, I was thinking that we didn’t have any guarantees that 2021 would be better. I did not, however, factor in the Democrats’ ability to make it monumentally worse. OK, I knew they could make it worse, but the scale eluded me. Probably because I had too much lockdown beer.

Regret and I don’t hang out very much — I think it’s a waste of time — but I do find myself wishing that I had focused all of my efforts in my twenties on being able to buy a remote island by the time I hit my forties. It would be so nice to be physically removed from this horror movie that Joe Biden has us involuntarily cast in.

I have been involved in the political game for a few decades now. The Democrats I see today bear no resemblance whatsoever to the Democrats I used to fondly spar with and work against during elections. It’s like they’re pod people.

As a conservative activist, I freely admit that I’ve had my struggles with the Republican Party over the years. I can honestly say, however, that the GOP at its worst in my lifetime was a dream party compared to the 2021 Democrats.

Until recently, I was reluctant to say that the Dems were crazy. I’ve always thought that was a pedestrian way to brush off one’s political opponents.

Then they nominated Hillary Clinton for president. That isn’t the sign of a mentally healthy political entity. I won’t rule out the possibility that part of Granny Maojacket’s 1998 deal with Satan involved a future manipulation of the Democratic electorate, but Occam’s razor tells me that it’s probably just that they’re loony tunes.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when the Democrats decided to step foot out of reality, it obviously escalated in 2008. That was the year that the Hillary sickness first hit them. They cured it by nominating a HISTORICAL candidate who also happened to be an empty suit. His High Holiness the Lightbringer Barack H. Obama was more of a cotton candy distraction than a red meat ideologue. He taught American libs that they could say the most inane things — “We are the one we’ve been waiting for…” comes to mind — and the criminally biased American political press would swoon.

Their big takeaway from the Obama years was that they never, ever had to put any thought into their plans anymore. They simply stared as far left as they could and started chasing that horizon like dogs going after a shiny moving car bumper.

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 just broke the poor dears. Blind rage became the driving force of the Democratic party — especially its D.C. elite. They’re still miserable even though they now control Congress and the White House. The rage has simmered a bit, but, as I wrote in Monday’s Morning Briefing, they are now motivated solely by spite. If whatever they’re considering undoes something that Donald Trump did and angers Republicans, they’ve got all the justification they need to move forward with it.

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I’ve gone into great detail in previous posts about the Biden/Pelosi/Schumer/Fauci hell we’re slogging through this year. We’re being subjected to a daddy issues-laden toddler tantrum that’s being thrown by adults. At first, it was tedious. Then it became disturbing. Now, after the ISIS-K attacks at the Kabul airport last week, it has a body count.


I have observed on several occasions recently that the Beltway Democrats seem to be drifting away from Democrats in regular America. I stand by that. That could play a big part in next year’s midterm elections, but at the rate this Biden nightmare is unfolding the republic might be too bloodied by then to care.

Should we make it to November 2022 relatively intact, it is imperative that American voters who don’t live in the coastal commie bubbles (or Chicago) rise up and make sure that this current crop of Democratic party rulers isn’t allowed anywhere near any kind of power again.


The 2021 Democratic elite are a metastasizing cancer that is rapidly killing a lot of the good in America.

Cut that you-know-what out.

No one wants one-party rule, but America desperately needs both major parties to be motivated by, you know, American things. It’s nigh on impossible to say that about today’s Democrats.

In an ideal world, left-of-center Americans would give the D.C. Dems the bird and form an alternative party that wasn’t commie or infantile. It would also be super cool if its leaders didn’t sound drunk all the time like Biden and Pelosi do.

At the very least, D.C. Democrats need to be put in a power timeout until the party can elect some leaders who fit the above criteria. Maybe they can fast-track Kyrsten Sinema’s rise to a power position. You will not hear me complaining about having to see more of her on television.

See? I can still be bipartisan.

Namaste, my friends.

I hope I don’t have to learn how to say that in Mandarin.