The Briefing: Democrats' Cop-Hating 'Defund the Police' Failure Is Complete

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Democrats Hate Cops and It’s Killing People

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’d rather go bowling than make pastries.


When one has been active in and writing about American politics as long as I have — especially as an avowed partisan — one puts together quite the list of reasons not to trust the other side. When I first got involved in political activism, I wasn’t as given to sweeping generalizations as I am now.

That’s on the Democrats, not on me.

While there are many big issues that the Democrats have been very wrong about for many years, they’ve been really, really wrong about almost everything since the beginning of the Obama era. That, for me, is when I stopped finding much to agree with them about. Emboldened by a thoroughly corrupt media that aids and abets the alt-reality the Dems live in, they’ve gotten progressively (pun most definitely intended) worse in recent years.

Of all the big, awful ideas to come from the Democrats recently, the “defund the police” movement was perhaps the worst.

His High Holiness the Lightbringer Barack Obama firmly established the Democrats as the political party of cop-haters when he perpetuated the lie about Michael Brown that gave us the Ferguson riots in 2014.

That set the stage for 2020, when the George Floyd riots ignited the fire in the hearts of Democrats to defund all the police.

As Democrat-run cities threw in with thugs like Black Lives Matter and antifa while turning on law enforcement, cops decided they’d had enough.

Relevant: Reality Hits Hard—Lib Cities Move to ‘Re-fund the Police’

For months now, we’ve seen the predictable results of the defund the police movement. A fourth-grader could have foreseen what would happen. Fewer cops, more crime. It’s called “The Minneapolis Effect.


There have been numerous stories for months now proving just how wrong the Democrats have been about defunding the police but they’ve been flooding the news in the past few weeks. Just in the past few days, the Puppet Biden administration has been insisting that sane people have gotten reality all wrong for a year and it’s really the Republicans, not the Democrats, who are on the defund side of things.

You can’t make this stuff up.

New York City was one of the first of the Big Blues that rushed to defund the police. Surprise! Our own VodkaPundit came up with a brilliant line, writing that Hizzoner de Blasio just performed the “Triple-Lindy of Flip-Flops” when saying he now wanted to flood the streets with police. Too bad he made so many of them leave the profession.

Bryan has another story about the African-American police chief of a very blue city going off on the extreme lunacy of his city’s defund-the-police fervor.

It goes on and on.

The Democrats’ lust to condemn all police because of the actions of very few — and because Obama told them to hate cops — has led to murder, rapes, and robberies. While all of that very real violence is going on, the psychotic lefties are insisting that the real threat to America is a few weirdos who went apes**t on January 6, 2021, and may or may not have been Trump supporters.

Democrats are wrong about everything.

That’s important to remember.

Another Pitch From the Big Tech Battleground

Big Tech is still busy trying to silence the voices of those who aren’t participating in the prevailing commie orthodoxy, in case you missed it. Tyler had a story yesterday about anti-antifa journalist Andy Ngo having his podcast banned by SoundCloud:


SoundCloud has de-platformed Andy Ngo, editor-in-chief at The Post Millennial and an intrepid reporter on antifa. The tech platform removed Ngo’s podcast — creatively titled “Things You Should Ngo” — “on the grounds of being dedicated to violating” the site’s rules, The Post Millennial reported.

This is happening across all major online media and social media platforms. Here at PJ Media, we have been getting absolutely walloped by Facebook ever since the drooling puppet began occupying the Oval Office.

As I mentioned last week — and will be mentioning more frequently — our best way to combat these creeps is through our VIP subscription program. Facebook and the other sites can’t do anything to us on the other side of the ad-free paywall. We have a lot of fun there too. Every Thursday, VodkaPundit, Bryan Preston, and I do a live video chat called “Five O’Clock Somewhere.” We get together, enjoy some day drinking and chat with our VIP friends for a few hours. I already do two podcasts a week and this week Kevin Downey Jr. and I will be debuting “Unwoke With Kevin and Kruiser,” which could be insane.

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We had a lot of new subscribers last week and the party just keeps on getting bigger. Try us out for a while, and I promise you’ll love it. I appreciate you all indulging these pitches from me. Again, I really like my job and the VIP program means I don’t have to keep looking over my shoulder to see which Big Tech freak show is trying to cancel me.


You kids are the best.

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