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Rush Limbaugh Predicted This: Brave NFL Comes Out as Gay for Pride Month

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

It’s June (only for a few more days, thankfully) and Pride month is still not over. Just when you thought we’d get out of it without a major head/desk moment, the NFL decided to join the rainbow bandwagon with this stunning and brave video ad claiming, among other things, that “football is gay.” We always knew football pants were unnecessarily tight—not that I’m complaining. This hit the airwaves at the same time every other corporation in America is pandering to LGBTQWTFery, giving it absolutely no consequence at all (except perhaps turning off its mostly heterosexual male audience).

It’s 2021 and yet corporations are still pretending that anyone cares if people are gay or not. No one does. You’re here, you’re queer and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that even the most fundamentalist sect out there never cared what people do in their bedrooms as long as they kept it out of the classrooms and off the public streets (and that goes for all sexualities, not just homosexuality).

Rush Limbaugh predicted this outcome for the NFL back when they started changing the on-field wardrobe rules to make exceptions for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I remember when players started wearing pink shoes and pink armbands and thinking that “football is gay.” It turns out Rush and I were right. The NFL has now come out of its cocoon fully and unabashedly woke and gay (because you can’t be woke if you’re not also some conglomeration of gay or gay adjacent.)

The people I feel sorry for are my gay friends who think this stuff is harmful to them. The continued forcing of one set of beliefs on your fellow citizens while denigrating theirs and calling them “homophobes” for not loving every minute of Pride month is only creating rancor and sarcasm. I feel for my gay, trans, and lesbian friends who just want to live their lives untainted by the Gaystapo and their jackbooted thuggish insistence that everyone get on the gay train and like it—including the NFL. Do any of us doubt that some football players are gay? No. Do we care? Double no.

Proving it, some NFL player came out as gay and the whole world yawned. The Babylon Bee had the perfect response.

Wake me up when June is over. This just gets more tiresome every year.