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Fireworks for Woke Me, But Not for Conservative Thee on July 4

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Independence Day has always been one of the great days for Americans to celebrate freedom and independence from tyranny. For some Republicans living in Red State America, however, fireworks have been canceled by President Biden for no good reason. Meanwhile, the Biden administration  wants to make July 4 a woke holiday so that the progressive wing of his party can set off fireworks without experiencing any American guilt.

Get ready for yet another national holiday: Woke Independence Day. 

Today’s leftist radicals, who are burning American cities and calling for the abolition of the police, don’t want to celebrate Independence Day in the traditional sense. Because they see it as the day America decided to fight to preserve slavery, they want July 4 celebrations to meet the new standards of Biden’s woke America.

The Biden administration is changing the meaning of July 4 from a recognition of the independence of the original thirteen colonies to a celebration of Joe Biden saving us from the coronavirus pandemic. This will allow the America-hating left to feel comfortable with July 4 celebrations without being overcome with the liberal guilt that comes with being an American. This administration has adopted the critical race theory view of American history promoted by the 1619 project, which teaches hate towards our country. The 1619 project pushes the ideas that America was founded when the first African slave arrived in what is now the U.S. and that independence was fought to preserve slavery. Those who hate America and want to believe that America is a racist nation would likely be opposed to celebrating a traditional July 4; therefore, the need arose to redefine the holiday.

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Liberal elites in Washington have found way to enjoy a fireworks display in the nation’s capital while denying the same celebration to some in right-leaning states. The New York Post reported, “The Biden administration is urging state and local officials across America to hold Independence Day celebrations this year — but is standing firm in preventing a fireworks display from being held at Mount Rushmore.” The National Park Service (NPS), part of the U.S. Department of the Interior, denied a request by South Dakota to hold a 4th of July celebration that included fireworks back in March. The NPS cited “potential risk to the park” and tribal opposition to the celebration. Of course, the threat of the coronavirus was tossed into the mix despite the fact that we are seeing America open up with packed outdoor MLB baseball stadiums and an expected gathering of thousands of maskless Democrats in Washington to enjoy D.C. fireworks.

Because Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) happens to be a Republican, her state was denied a permit to conduct a traditional celebration of the Declaration of Independence. Biden recently sent out a missive with his redefinition of the holiday: a celebration of “independence from the virus.” Gov. Noem responded to Biden’s announcement of the new holiday by tweeting that “fireworks are fine at the White House, but not at Mount Rushmore.” The Biden administration is showing that they are ok using government power to discriminate against Republican-run states and right-leaning voters.

New York City, Washington, D.C, and many other cities throughout the nation hold fireworks displays as a way to continue the long tradition of Americans celebrating independence from the oppressive British rule of King George III. Some in the Biden administration will take joy in canceling fireworks for Republicans in South Dakota while they sip a Merlot and enjoy the D.C. fireworks to celebrate the Biden woke version of Independence Day. 

The Biden administration is attempting to redefine Independence Day while punishing Republicans for having a traditional celebration at Mt. Rushmore. This is outrageous and yet another piece of evidence that the Biden administration is far from moderate. 

The message to right-leaning Americans is clear: fireworks for my liberal friends but not for patriotic Americans.