LADIES' CHOICE VIP LIVE CHAT: 1977 vs. 2021, the Left's Latest Mask Insanity, and the Times Square Free-Fire Zone - Replay Available

The ladies of PJ Media are tanned, rested, and ready to bring you scintillating discussion, enlightened hot-takes, and our special brand of gallows humor on this week’s VIP GOLD live chat. We’ve got a lot on our minds this week and—for better or worse—these live chats are like therapy for us (there may be chickens and parrots involved too). The best part is that you get to be part of the show. Ask us (just about) anything (that wouldn’t embarrass your grandmother) and we’ll do our best to answer. A few topics we’ve got queued up for you this week:

  • 1977 was the year that brought us Randy Newman’s “Short People.” Was 1977 a better year than 2021? We’ll compare and contrast (I’m gonna do my best ’70s feathered hair imitation)
  • ICYMI, Times Square has morphed into a free-fire zone. Does NYC need Rudy back?
  • Just when we thought the left couldn’t get more insane on masks, they prove us wrong (again)

Drop us a question in the comments and we’ll do our best to add it to the lineup.

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