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Texas Gov. Abbott Using Stimulus Money for Shovel-Ready Jobs Sure to Infuriate Biden and the Media

Texas Gov. Abbott Using Stimulus Money for Shovel-Ready Jobs Sure to Infuriate Biden and the Media
(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)

The Democrats wanted to get the COVID stimulus funding through Congress without much in the way of oversight or strings. The idea there wasn’t noble or pure. It was all about helping blue states out of their own self-made fiscal disasters. It was also about sticking it to the red states, which tend to be more fiscally responsible than the blue states.

Meanwhile, Plagiarist Biden has created a disaster on the Texas border and refuses to even acknowledge that it’s an issue. He canceled effective policies, he canceled the wall, and he’s so far gone he put Kamala Harris in charge and hasn’t even demanded that she do anything. She hasn’t gone within 800 miles of where the highest number of crossings are happening. Ironically, she visited El Paso, which has a border wall.

If you’re the governor of Texas, and you have Biden’s border disaster on the one hand and a pile of federal money with few strings attached on the other, and you’ve got a wealthy primary challenger aiming to run at you from your right in 2022, what do you do?

Gov. Greg Abbott has just reached Grand Master level in epic trolling, while also enacting a popular policy that will do some good for his state.

Public policy isn’t often a work of art, but this is.

That $15.8 billion will build a lot of wall that Biden canceled, and unless there’s some hidden trigger somewhere, there’s nothing Biden can do about it. The media will whine and complain, but when does the media not whine and complain?

Right — when they’re asking Biden about his choice of ice cream again, rather than ask why he’s such an awful president.

One could argue that we don’t have the money so it shouldn’t be spent, but that argument has been lost repeatedly for ages now. One cannot credibly argue that Biden has not created a historic disaster on the border and Texas is its victim. One cannot credibly argue that he is not shirking one of his core responsibilities to the states, which is national (in this case, border) security.

Abbott has that money available. It will create jobs. They’re even shovel-ready! Texas gets the wall it needs, Biden gets the bill. Abbott gets the political gold mine, Biden gets the shaft.

It’s beautiful, really.

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