[WATCH] Breaking Biden's Border Blackout

The Biden administration created chaos on the U.S.-Mexico border and then imposed a media blackout to keep Americans from learning the truth.

As you’ll see in this exclusive interview, the truth is that the border chaos is affecting families and communities well away from the border. Coyotes are stealing vehicles and damaging property across Texas — so much so that at least a dozen counties have declared emergencies.

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I recently spoke with Stephanie Crisp-Canales, a lifelong rancher in Texas, about the current surge in illegal border crossings and how it’s impacting her and her community.

Watch here.

After we concluded the interview, Stephanie told me about a border-crosser who had been recently apprehended. Here’s a story about him.

Border chaos enables lawlessness and danger to increase at the Texas-Mexico border.

An estimated 1,000 people of unknown origin cross illegally into the United States every day. Few of them are ever apprehended.