The Morning Briefing: Mainstream Media Poll Dances to Pretend Biden Is Doing Well

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Behold Biden the Illusion

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Never apologize for garlic and its consequences.

I do like to think we’re forming a community here. Heck, I’m even welcoming of the trolls. We’ve got this thing going on that is a lot of fun and also has no dress code. I’m not stuffy. I want things to be fast, loose, and ridiculous here in Kruiser Morning Briefing Land.


Wow, great idea for a theme park.

Weirdly, uncomfortably, we’re back to trying to figure out how so much of the American public is thinking that this drooling sock puppet who is occupying the Oval Office is doing well. The always suspect members of the mainstream media are telling us it’s all a picnic so far.

I’ve had starts and stops in the past few weeks writing a column about how concussed I think these people are but I keep giving up because I don’t want to give up faith in my fellow man just yet.

Still, I have to deal with the fact that these people may be out there. The conundrum is that I know that the mainstream media lies all the time, but I am not sure how many of my fellow men and women are buying the lies.

If we are to believe the polling, too many.

Then again, we’re dealing with polling. At various times, we’re all fans or haters of polling. Polls are a perverse crack to political junkies. We love them when they’re proving our point and hate them when they’re proving the other side’s point.

These days, I prefer to think that they’re all full of crap:

The grain-of-salt alert here is that this is CBS News that is passing along the information.

But still, am I right?

Stacey took an excellent deep dive into this idiocy yesterday:

On Sunday morning, media talking heads were touting President Joe Biden’s approval rating after 100 days in office citing polls from NBC News and ABC News/The Washington Post. Both polls found that Biden’s approval sits at 52%, which the commentators pointed out is ten points higher than Donald Trump’s at the same milestone in his presidency. However, as the Washington Examiner’s Byron York pointed outBiden’s approval is the third lowest since President Harry Truman. Only President Trump and President Gerald Ford scored lower. Both of them had the media united against them, and Biden has received nothing but air cover and glowing coverage from the corporate media


That’s right, the drooling puppet president, who has been perma-fluffed by the mainstream media, is beating the guys the MSM hated but not anyone else. How awful do you have to be to not get a better boost from the media lust than Grandpa Gropes has gotten?

There is only so much that the propaganda wing of the Democratic National Committee can do with these numbers though:

Despite the approval rating, NBC’s poll found that 56% of Americans feel the country is on the wrong track. Further, it found that a plurality of 48% prefers a smaller government with fewer services, even post-pandemic. These results are surprising, given there are significant sampling errors. The ABC poll oversamples Democrats by 9%. NBC’s version oversampled Democrats by 6%. While results are weighted in the polls, the full effect of oversampling is never corrected. Polls of American adults are also not as indicative of the electorate as polls including only registered or likely voters.

They put their thumb on the scale by oversampling and still can’t get the results they want.

There is no objective measure of success for Biden’s presidency that can be directly attributed to him. His greatest achievement thus far is the successful rolling out of the COVID-19 vaccines in the United States, which wouldn’t have happened without President Trump achieving the almost impossible with Operation Warp Speed. The stock market had nowhere to go but up after being brutalized by the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu. Puppet Joe hasn’t really accomplished anything.



Read all of Stacey’s post. She absolutely tears apart the ludicrous spin.

Biden the Great Uniter is flailing and failing. Anybody who answers a poll question in a way that makes it seem as if he’s doing well should probably seek professional mental health help.

Yah, they’re crazy.


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