The Weekend Update: The Debate and the Damage Done

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Welcome to PJ Media's new weekend briefing, featuring a curated selection of key articles from the past week that you might have missed. It sure was a crazy week with the fallout from Joe Biden's disastrous debate performance and the uncertainty of his future in the race.


My aim is to bring you the latest updates and crucial insights from stories and columns you might have missed. I've curated a selection of impactful news and in-depth analyses that I believe are of utmost importance. The dynamics of the presidential race are changing fast, and we're on top of it!

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Without further ado, here are the key stories from the past week.


DISASTER: Biden Completely Out of Touch With Reality in ABC Interview

BIDEN'S BRAIN: What happened to it, and is he really running the country?

UNHINGED: AOC wants to impeach the Supreme Court because, why not?

FEEL-GOOD STORY OF THE WEEK: Trump campaign spokesman sneaks onto Biden campaign conference call.

FLUID JUSTICE: Biden's gender-fluid thief avoids jail time again

BLOODBATH: Leaked internal poll from the Democrats shows Biden losing big.

AS BIDEN NAPS: Foreign nationals are attempting to penetrate U.S. military bases.

WHO'S THE PRESIDENT: Did Kamala admit who is really running the country?


ON MICHELLE OBAMA: Is she the Trojan Horse for the Democrats in November?

COCAINEGATE: A year later they still haven't cracked the case.

MIGRANT CRIME: Democrats haven't noticed, but it's sweeping the nation.


You can always count on PJ Media for some insightful commentary. Here are some of the best from the past week.

CHRIS QUEEN: One Summer Sports Tradition Refuses to Play Gender Games

STEPHEN GREEN: Nate Silver Has Some Bad News for Biden and the Democrats.

SCOTT PINKSER: Democrat Operatives Committed the Classic PR Blunder.

LINCOLN BROWN: 50 Synagogues Receive Bomb Threats in One Week. When Is It Enough?.

BEN BARTEE: You’ll Never Guess Who’s About to Cash in on Bird Flu Terror.

STEPHEN KRUISER: Sorry Lefties — We're Not Fringy, YOU Are!.

PAULA BOLYARD: You Really Need to Understand What We're Up Against

RABBI MICHAEL BARCLAY: July 4 is the anniversary of something else you should know about.


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270 ELECTORAL VOTES : Trump continues to open up new paths to victory.


POWER MOVES: Here's what Trump should do next and why.

STAY OR GO: There's a reason why Joe Biden can't drop out.

BIG LIES: Democrats just can't help themselves.

STILL GROOMING: Biden's top tranny wanted to lower age limits for child genital mutilation.

STINKY CHEESE: The left has a plan to steal Wisconsin in November.


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There was a lot riding on Joe Biden's interview with Georgi Stephanopolous, and well... it didn't go well. Did you catch the part where he claimed he put NATO together?



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