Did Kamala Harris Nearly Admit Who's Really Running the Country?

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During a White House Fourth of July event, Vice President Kamala Harris nearly introduced President Joe Biden as vice president but caught herself just in time. 


“And thanks to our incredible commander in chief, the vice — the president of the United States, the extraordinary president of the United States, Joe Biden,” Harris said at a gathering of military families on the National Mall before the Independence Day fireworks. 

In light of last week's debate, there couldn't be a worse time for such a gaffe. Yes, she corrected herself, but was there some truth behind it?

A month after the 2020 election, Biden called Kamala Harris “president-elect.”

A similar incident occurred a couple of months into his presidency when Joe Biden referred to Kamala as "President Harris."

Even if you write these off as gaffes, the Biden administration has openly fueled speculation of an inevitable Kamala takeover.

For example, the inauguration was branded the Biden-Harris inauguration, not the Biden administration, and official social media accounts followed suit.


In March 2021, "a top White House communications team member" also instructed all federal agencies to refer to the administration as the Biden-Harris administration in a directive.

“Please be sure to reference the current administration as the ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ in official public communications,” read the directive.

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At the time, Ric Grenell, the former U.S. ambassador to Germany and former acting director of national intelligence, expressed concern over Harris's elevated role, noting that world leaders expect to communicate with the president, not the vice president, especially for introductory calls. Grenell suggested Biden's reliance on Harris signaled his struggles as president, even in the early weeks of his tenure. 

Joe Biden's debate performance in Atlanta, Ga., last week has led many to criticize the mainstream media for not being truthful about his mental decline. Conservative media has long discussed Biden's cognitive health and the unusual efforts the administration took to elevate Kamala Harris as something of a co-president. It was likely done to help ease a transition to a Harris presidency once Biden resigned at some point during his first term. Not only did Joe Biden not resign, as many thought he would, but he sought a second term.


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