Happy Anniversary to Cocainegate

Screenshots from alleged iCloud "leak" of Hunter Biden videos.

It's been a full year since cocaine was found in the White House.

On July 3, 2023, the White House grounds were evacuated after an "unidentified package" was discovered. Over the next couple of days, it became clear a cover-up was underway.


According to initial reports, a fire department dispatch call reported that "white powder," identified as "cocaine hydrochloride," was discovered in the library of the executive mansion. However, the Secret Service later stated that the cocaine was found in the West Wing, where the executive offices of the president are located. This was an interesting change of story because the West Wing is a high-traffic area, while the library is in the White House living quarters below, where access is more restricted.

The difference in the alleged locations was crucial. It suggested that the administration was trying to deflect attention from someone close to the First Family who had access to the presidential living quarters.

The Secret Service launched an investigation, which quickly revealed itself to be a sham. After nearly ten days, the investigation was closed after it failed to determine how the cocaine got into the most secure building in the world. According to the Secret Service, there were no fingerprints or DNA on the bag of cocaine, and there were no leads or video evidence. It seemed the Secret Service expected us to believe that the perpetrator was a criminal mastermind who expertly evaded all surveillance measures and conveniently knew every blind spot in the heavily monitored White House.


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The result wasn't surprising. Not only had the White House and Secret Service set low expectations for being able to solve the case, but the story of where the cocaine was found had changed multiple times. A cover-up was underway, and we all know the reason why.

Secret Service veteran Dan Bongino said that was likely not true. “So there’s probably less than 200 people who could have left this cocaine, by the way, in a bag which is plastic, which is non-porous, meaning it’s probably not that hard to pull a latent print. They’ve got to know who did it. The question is, who’s pressuring them to not find out who did it? And it’s gotta be coming from this White House. This is terrible. Don’t destroy this agency like the FBI. It’s really unbecoming,” Bongino said last year. “A lot of my former colleagues at the Secret Service who retired, they are absolutely furious about this. Oh yeah, yeah, I can tell you, I got 50 emails, communications, texts from people. ‘This is embarrassing, humiliating.’ These are good guys, man, guys who worked for Obama and Bush, non-partisan guys, most of them aren’t even political. This is embarrassing. They know exactly who it was.”


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A lot of believed the source of the cocaine was Hunter Biden. However, there have been some conflicting reports on this.

According to sources connected to White House security, the bag of cocaine that was found in the White House belonged to someone in the “Biden family orbit,” and while it was not Hunter Biden, Joe Biden knows the person.

Three sources reportedly told Susan Katz Keating of “Soldier of Fortune” magazine that the Secret Service told Joe Biden the name of the person who brought the cocaine inside the White House, and the three sources all identified the same individual to the magazine. According to Keating, the sources “work for a U.S. government agency, and are not authorized to speak to the media.”

Officially, the case remains unsolved, but that's not the word I would use.



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