The Morning Briefing: More Damning Biden/ChiCom Evidence for the DOJ to Ignore Emerges

The Morning Briefing: More Damning Biden/ChiCom Evidence for the DOJ to Ignore Emerges
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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Zansario felt that her real claim to fame was her ability to name all of the von Trapp children in ascending or descending chronological order, even while drunk.


So much to talk about today, and it’s not all Biden stuff. That, however, is where we begin.

The Department of Justice’s recent attempt to sweep its Hunter Biden problem under the rug via a slap on the wrist has met with firm resistance in the form of Republicans on the House Oversight Committee. While many Americans were disheartened by the “Daddy’s Boy” deal that the DOJ gave Hunter Biden, Kentucky Republican and Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer seems to have been made more determined than ever to dig up too much dirt to fit under any rug.

Victoria has more:

Even after Hunter Biden’s attorney claimed the sweetheart plea deal was a “global” agreement, which meant that prosecutors would stop looking into his hinky deals, the House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer said they would keep pursuing leads. And oh, have they.

Over the weekend we learned about the WhatsApp message that serves as evidence of Hunter Biden shaking down a Chinese energy company, CEFC, whose board includes a leader of the Chinese Communist Party’s spy agency. Hunter’s message mentioned that his father was “in the room” with him and “sitting next” to him as he commanded a $5 million payday.

Tuesday, we learned from Comer’s committee that another message shows Hunter Biden doing business with his contact at CEFC for another payday. This time, Hunter’s message shows that he was doing direct business with “the Chairman” and telling his contact to reassure “the Chairman” that “The Biden’s [sic] are the best I know at doing exactly what the Chairman wants from this [partnership.]”


I truly would like to think that all of this would lead to something more than Hunter’s other wrist getting slapped but let’s just say that my skepticism is getting skepticism of its own these days.

More than a few of my conservative friends and colleagues believe that the amount of evidence against the Biden & Son crime syndicate will soon be so overwhelming that even Merrick Garland’s Justice Dept. will have to do something about it. Again, I would like to believe that. Sadly, I think that Garland is willing to risk permanent injury to his neck looking the other way when it comes to his boss. At this point, he probably has a chiropractor in attendance 24/7.

If, as many speculate, the Democrats are secretly pining for a way to move on from Biden for 2024, they would certainly welcome Garland deciding to stop looking at Republicans long enough to get President LOLEightyonemillion off of the board.

I’m not sold on that as a possibility, either. Garland seems to understand the organizational hierarchy of the Executive Branch and has been fanatically loyal to the guy at the top thus far. The idea that he would suddenly do a 180 on Biden seems to me to be awash in wishful thinking. And the cabal running Biden’s brain is not going to easily let go of its power.

Having written all that, I hope Rep. Comer continues with the pit bull act. At the very least, there is some value in knowing the extent to which we were all correct about this sleazebag family.



Moving onto today’s other topic of conversation. We hear at PJ Media and all of the Townhall Media Mothership sites know that our readers are erudite, informed, and — collectively — a bellwether for the direction of conservative America. You’re also the best-looking readers in America (we know things), but that’s merely a bonus and doesn’t play into this news.

Between now and when the Republican nomination is decided, PJ Media and the Mothership will be conducting a straw poll to stay in touch with what our readers are thinking in terms of the primaries. We’re also hoping to find that one Asa Hutchinson fan who’s not a relative of his. You can vote once every 30 days, and each time you vote you’ll be emailed live results. We will also be writing about the nomination zeitgeist of you fine people. The poll is now open, and you will be seeing accurate results. No Magic Mail-In Ballot machines here, just some good ol’ vox populi information. You can vote here, and then kick back and wait for what I’m sure will be some lively discussion.

Let’s have some fun with this. You know how pro-fun I am.

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