The Morning Briefing: Media Smears Are Just Making DeSantis Stronger

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Lying Media Can’t KO DeSantis

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

When I first began writing about politics as a side hustle twenty years ago, my primary focus was on liberal bias in the mainstream media.

In two decades, I’ve never run out of material

We all thought that the mainstream media was at its absolute lowest when President Trump was in office. At the beginning of the year, I warned everyone that things were about to get worse. Now the journalist hacks are faced with both propping up the empty husk who is occupying the Oval Office and exorcising the demons associated with Trump still living rent-free in their heads. The perversions of the First Amendment have gotten exponentially worse since January 20th.

A lot of their residual Trump anger has been directed at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In fact, it began as overflow anger while Trump was still in office. I first wrote about the MSM mistreatment of DeSantis last May. That was back when the brave media types were fluffing Andrew Cuomo while he was shipping New York’s elderly off to die in nursing homes. It was DeSantis they were calling a grandma-killer, though.

What 60 Minutes tried to pull this past weekend was unconscionable. It was so beyond the pale that DeSantis has Democrats defending him and calling out CBS. Treacher has all of the details here, and I heartily second his conclusion:

It doesn’t need to make sense. It just needs to anger people who aren’t really paying attention to the facts and want something to be angry about.

Nobody at CBS News cares about Florida. They don’t care if you live or die, of COVID or anything else. This is political propaganda for the Democratic Party. They’re scared of Ron DeSantis because he’s an effective communicator and he’s handled the pandemic much, much better than any of the lib heroes like Cuomo and Newsom.

And they have no incentive to change, because the people they hate have all tuned out anyway. If lying gets CBS News what they want, then they’ll just lie. And they don’t care because their friends and colleagues and bosses don’t care.

See? BS.

That’s just it, there is no incentive for any of the offending media outlets to stop abusing their power. The abuse is the plan. Again, one of President Trump’s greatest accomplishments was forcing the mainstream media hacks to reveal themselves as the frauds they are. They used to be more subtle with their bias because they wanted to pretend they were objective. Now they’re perfectly OK with letting everyone know they’re working for the Democrats.

I say let ’em.

They’re certainly not hurting DeSantis. His ability to continue Trump’s work of making the media commit unforced errors that then make his legend grow is practically a superpower. Back in early February, I suggested that DeSantis should teach media relations to other Republicans.

The advocacy journos are just going to keep tripping on themselves to try and kneecap DeSantis. As Treacher noted, he terrifies them. They’ve been trying to bury him for a year and he’s more popular now than ever. DeSantis is a constant reminder that their power isn’t what it used to be. I will continue to delight in watching him put them in their miserable places.

My Latest Guest Appearance on “Triggered” 

I forgot to share this when it posted last week. I always have fun joining my friends and Townhall colleagues Matt Vespa and Storm Paglia for their podcast. I’m a regular ray of sunshine in this episode. I hope they didn’t have to bleep me too many times.

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