Beyond Parody: Biden's White House Easter Bunny Wears a Huge COVID Mask

Biden's version of the Easter Bunny wears a mask over its mask. (YouTube screenshot)

Sunday marked Easter, the most important and sacred day on the Christian calendar. Presidents always offer a statement or proclamation, and Joe Biden is no exception. The man who has spent the past week lying about Georgia’s election law appeared at the White House on Sunday flanked by First Lady Jill Biden — who holds a doctorate, in case you hadn’t heard — and a person in a bunny suit to talk about the virus that has disfigured the country.

The bunny head on the unidentified person on the right is, itself, a mask. Yet the Biden White House saw fit to make the bunny mask wear a mask. See for yourself.

The Biden White House also had the Easter eggs depicted with masks on. I’m sure you think I’m making that up.

I’m not.

Both of the Bidens have been vaccinated from the COVID. No word on who was in the suit and whether Jen Psaki is also vaccinated.

As with all other Biden White House videos on YouTube, the Easter double mask video is getting ratioed negatively, despite evidence that YouTube is deleting dislikes behind the scenes.

Biden made the Easter Bunny wear a mask over its mask. Screenshot from YouTube.