The Morning Briefing: Big Tech Needs to Get Its Filthy, Biased Thumbs Off the Scale of This Election

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Big Tech Bullies Gotta Go

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Only 4,678 days until 2021!

Whether we like to admit it or not, a good many Americans get most of their news from social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook. Until recently, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Twitter in particular has been a great source for news for a long time. I still use it as my primary news feed when researching and writing during the day.

As Twitter and Facebook grew, the leftist biases of the companies’ respective leaders began to emerge. It’s no big secret that most of the major players in Big Tech are Democrats and progressives, but biased activism hasn’t been part of the business model until very recently.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is the worst of the bunch. His intense, personal dislike of all things conservative bleeds into Twitter’s rules and regulations, making them whimsical and arbitrary. He also surrounds himself with employees who are unhinged haters of conservatives.

Dorsey, Zuckerberg and Co. have now taken an active role in deciding what information people should and should not have in these critical days leading up to the election.

Not everyone is thrilled.

Their attempts to cover up the Hunter Biden emails story last week backfired on them. They’re now getting all kinds of scrutiny. I wrote last Friday that the Senate Commerce Committee is going to have a hearing next week with Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. They’re going to be exploring whether the protections granted tech companies under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act enable “big tech bad behavior.”

Many think Section 230 should no longer apply to Big Tech, including Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn:

“Why not just take Section 230 [of the Communications Decency Act] away? Why not let these companies be liable to suits for what they may or may not publish?” host Will Cain asked.

“That’s right. And the reason that, as we’ve worked on this over the last several years, the reason you do not take it away is because you want a competitive marketplace, and Section 230 was put in place for new start businesses,” she explained. “This is something that was put there in the ’90s as the internet and these platforms were growing. They areo longer in their infancy.”

“So, it would still apply to small companies, but no longer to these massive tech companies?” Cain followed up.

“That’s right,” Blackburn said.

Even with the government’s attention, Twitter is still being awful.

Victoria wrote yesterday that Twitter is censoring White House Coronavirus Task Force physician Dr. Scott Atlas:

Twitter removed a tweet by the medical expert because it violated its policy against misleading information about the pandemic. Says who? And compared to what? What happened to that whole “listen to the science” meme we’ve been constantly browbeaten with? Isn’t the expert on the coronavirus task force someone who knows, I don’t know, something about the coronavirus pandemic?

This is indirect advocacy for the Democrats. The centerpiece of Joe Biden’s campaign is creating COVID panic porn and repeating that President Trump isn’t handling it well. Now Twitter is saying that a physician whom Trump has confidence in on the matter doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That’s right, Twitter’s “experts” know better than an MD.

This heavy-handed, biased censorship by Twitter and Facebook is far more egregious and dangerous than any of the alleged “interference” by Russia or China. The bitter irony is that it was the Russia nonsense that both platforms used as justification for their thought policing.

There probably isn’t time to do anything to curb any of this before the election, but something will have to be done eventually. They’re so bad that they have people like me rooting for federal intervention.

I never root for federal intervention.

Have a great week everyone, I’m off to figure out what I can do to get suspended on Twitter today.

So, I’m In a Good Mood Today

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