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Brady White Is Every Police Officer in America

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Here at PJ Media, VodkaPundit has published two columns by Brady White, a cop who has had enough and decided to speak out. That’s a pseudonym, of course, because Brady White fears retribution from his superiors for speaking out. Brady says he’s heard from cops all across America, thanking him for speaking out and telling the world what the police face every day from an increasingly ungrateful America.

White reached out to me this week and agreed to come on my podcast to elaborate on the problems faced by cops in America’s cities during a year of civil unrest with calls to defund the police. As he said in today’s column, a mass exodus is underway, leaving America’s cities thoroughly unprotected. The streets have descended into chaos, leaving average citizens vulnerable as violence and crime skyrocket.

Rick Moran wrote at PJ Media today:

According to the Seattle police union, at least 118 Seattle police officers have resigned or separated this year. The union is warning residents that their 911 calls may go unanswered because of the dearth of officers on duty.

Some of the officers were victims of the budget cuts promised by the “defund the police” crowd. But most were resignations. [emphasis added]

That’s just Seattle. It’s happening everywhere. Michael Yon has spoken to law enforcement sources in Portland who say the same thing, and Portland already has 1/3 fewer cops than needed.

On the podcast, White talked about the pressures cops face while having to deal with nightly riots. “I think it’s been kind of slowly steadily building for me for the better part of a year,” he said. “If you read the article, you saw the internal pressures or kind of what started the ball rolling for me. Right after the aftermath of the George Floyd incident and the nationwide protests that then turned into riots in a lot of cases, and the different looting and the rioting and destruction, it’s just a steady decline. I think since about June, of just society and the way things are going, especially when the sun goes down in major American cities. It’s just been something that’s been building up inside of me.”

White has taken the step to speak out despite the threats to his job and his livelihood. “If I wrote under my real name and told you where I really work,” he said, “I would at the very least be suspended and probably transferred, taken off the streets and buried somewhere where no one wants to work, or possibly fired. That goes for most active-duty law enforcement.”

Instead of having cops’ backs, the administration and city officials too often blame the police. The threat of reprisals is real, according to White. “I have a friend of mine right now who is currently reassigned,” he said, “and has been for the better part of two months, because he said on Facebook that if he was driving home and he ran into one of these roadblocks with BLM or antifa or whomever and his car was surrounded that he would do what any normal person would do, to defend themselves. Someone that we work with didn’t like that and they said it to Internal Affairs, and he’s been reassigned for two months now for simply making a Facebook comment. So that’s why all my personal accounts are either deactivated or completely private at this point.”

White won’t say where he works, to protect his identity, but he keeps up with media coverage of what goes on in police departments all over America. He finds Portland particularly amusing. “In places like Portland and New York and Seattle you can count on almost zero backup or backing,” he said. “They’ll feed you to the dogs because it’s cheaper. They’re trying to quell the outrage mob, and trying to appease that segment of the population. That is like asking an alligator to eat you last because it likes you the most. Eventually it is going to come for you. Ted Wheeler’s finding that out right now and I think that that’s hilarious.”

He also says that policing has changed since he joined the force, and not for the better. He describes a risk-averse, liability-conscious environment where cops spend more time processing paperwork than patrolling the streets.

Brady White’s Cop Confessions 2: ‘There is a mass exodus in law enforcement, nationwide’

Meanwhile, defunding the police will lead to more problems by creating a force that has less experience and less expertise. “You can’t backfill that experience either because you cannot hire your way out of a situation like that,” he said.

“It’s a war of attrition,” White continued. “You’re spinning your wheels. No one wants to do this job right now. There’s not a whole lot of people who are signing up to become law enforcement officers anywhere. I can tell you that in my department we all talk. There’s a whole lot of people looking to make a move by the end of the year.”

Despite the constant negativity about the police in the media and at the nightly riots, however, White says he gets thanked by average citizens way more than many might realize. “A lot more people than you think, even today, thank me and my co-workers for what we do on a daily basis,” he said. “It happens a lot. I always tell them and they’re like, ‘yo, I’m sure you don’t hear that a whole lot.’ I tell them the same thing every time. You would be surprised how much I actually do hear that, but that does not sell newspapers and it does not sell ads in primetime on cable news. Whether it’s a white officer being thanked by a black person, or a black officer being thanked by a white person, or just, you know, working a gay pride parade and, you know, the guys that are on the float come down and literally shake your hand and say thank you for keeping them safe during their parade. That’s happened to me on numerous occasions. I’m just here to make sure that you have a good time. Are you happy right now? Good? I’m here to protect your freedom.”

White goes into significantly more detail in the interview. The entire thing is at the Behind the Curtain podcast at this link. If most Americans listened to Brady White, they’d have a far different attitude about the police than what has prevailed for most of 2020.

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