Election 2020

Hollywood's Threatening to Move Again if Trump Wins. It Worked So Well the Last Time...

(Twitter video screenshot @Culttture)

We now take a moment to remember all of the Hollywood-types who left the United States of America after the 2016 election and those who threaten to leave if that man, Donald Trump, wins re-election.

Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Snoop Dogg, Whoopi Goldberg, Miley Cyrus, George Lopez, Cher, Samuel L. Jackson, Bryan Cranston, Babs, Jon Stewart, Chelsea Handler, Keegan-Michael Key, and a bunch of others have gone to greener socialist pastures to live out their days in a Trumpless world. They’ve moved on to a more calm milieu; left their glass boxes on Malibu Beach for a place where there’s no chance that Donald Trump will breathe the same air as they. They’ve left their racist fortunes of the Great White Way for the lochs of Scotland, yodeling, picking fleurs for Jamie, and spending their days thinking of a world without Trump.

The stars who left the country in 2016 took with them a stampeding herd of Trump haters who moved to Canada to get away from the man who would single-handedly destroy the U.S. economy, order police to murder people in the streets, force women to have babies they didn’t want, plunder the treasury, and steal everyone’s health care.

So why is Amy Schumer doing a cooking show on the Food Channel? How come Ne-Yo is still recording in the U.S.? Why aren’t Miley Cyrus and her tongue banished to some far-off island in the Caribbean? And Lena Dunham … why is she still here? She promised she’d move to Canada!  Ohhhhhhh Canada, please come get her and her stampeding herds.

This year there’s another, smaller crop of Hollywood worthies who are stomping their feet and threatening to leave if that man is elected again.

Take Tommy Lee. Please. The Motley Crue – please add the umlaut yourself – drummer vows to go to the UK if Donald Trump is re-elected. Trust me, Boris Johnson doesn’t need another whiny, skeletal and aging rocker who hates the man, maaan. Besides, they just did a clean sweep at Buckingham Palace and got whatshername and her Prince Harry out of there. Why would they fill the void? But BoJo, please hear me out. If you take Tommy we’ll give you a bunch of free coronavirus therapeutics if you promise to take back the Sussex unofficial crybabies.

Bruce Springsteen has promised to be on “the next plane” out. The man who could buy his own island next to Richard Branson says he’ll be on the next flight to Australia if Trump wins. Springsteen probably owns his own plane. How about if you fly and we’ll buy the gas to get you there? I’ve been to Australia and have consulted maps. I think there’s more than enough room in the outback for Bruce and his insufferable ego to thrive until the coast is clear in the U.S. We’ll even toss in a pack of dingos.

Expect the list of crybaby Hollywood Leftists threatening to leave the country to grow.

Maybe Bruce will have room for them on his plane.