A Black Portland Cop Says Rioters Are Racist. Leftists Immediately Confirm It.

Portland Police Officer Jackhary Jackson. Screenshot from video.

A black police officer says there are racist white people stage-managing the riots in Portland, Oregon and “they’re not even from here.”

Officer Jackhary Jackson was featured in a video released by the Portland Police Bureau explaining what it’s like to be on the front lines after more than six weeks of rioting.


His observations are in line with what others are seeing in the riots since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters are being imported to Seattle and Portland. Minnesota officials initially were convinced that rioters who burned down the Third Precinct and other buildings, causing hundreds of millions of dollars of damage, were from elsewhere, but the majority of arrested rioters were from the state. Some rioters who did travel to Minneapolis to riot, burn and loot were rolled up by the feds. The federal Department of Justice has begun to arrest and prosecute rioters who crossed state lines to commit riot, arson and other crimes.

It’s been obvious that the violent protests, allowed by a politically pliant Portland city hall, haven’t been about George Floyd for a very long time. The idea is to foment chaos and violence and to keep it going. The willingness of the elected officials to tolerate civil unrest, at the expense of other peoples’ security, is scandalous. The police officers’ union has accused the Leftist politicians in Oregon and specifically Portland of defending the violence.

Racist Rioters Get Support From City Hall

Officer Jackson finds it ironic that “if you’re at a Black Lives Matter protest you have more minorities on the police side than you do in a violent crowd.”


He says the rioters scream racist things at black officers and accuse him of “hurting my community” because he’s a cop.

And you have white people screaming at black officers ‘you have the biggest nose I’ve ever seen.’

You as a privileged white person telling someone as a person of color what to do with their life and you don’t even know what i’ve dealt with what these white officers that you’re screaming at. You don’t know them. You don’t know anything about them.

I got to see folks that really want change like the rest of us that have been impacted by racism and then I got to see those people get faded out – by people who have no idea of what racism is all about. Never experienced racism.

It gets worse.

‘Frightening’ Rioters Who ‘Don’t Know History’

Officer Jackson said the rioters, most of whom are white, are “using are the same tactics that are used against my people. And they don’t even know the history. They don’t know what they’re saying. Coming from someone who graduated from PSU with a history degree, it’s actually frightening. You know they say if you don’t know your history you’ll repeat it and and watching people do that to other people.”

White protesters stage-manage the riots.

A lot of times someone of color – black, Hispanic, Asian, come to the fence and directly want to talk to me. ‘Hey, what do you think about George Floyd? What do you think about what happened about this? I go up to the fence, someone white comes up ‘F the police, don’t talk to him.’ That was the most bizarre thing because I could see it coming. I even had a young African American girl tell me ‘why is it you guys aren’t talking to us?’ Honestly, I think this was the 23rd day of doing it and every time I try to have a conversation with someone who looks like me someone white comes up – blocks them – and tells them not to talk to me. And right when I said that, this white girl pops up in front of us and said, ‘he said that was going to happen.’ And straight up, ‘I’ve been called the n-word. She’s been called the n-word, why are you talking to me this way? Why do you feel that she can’t speak for herself to me? Why is it that you feel you need to speak for her when we’re having a conversation?’


White Rioters Hit Black Cop With Racist Epithets and Rocks

Officer Jackson says in addition to being told his “you have the biggest nose I’ve ever seen” he’s been pelted with rocks, bottles of frozen water. He wonders why it was that a black-owned-business was the first one looted.

Then when you go to a gentrified community and one of the pictures I saw, one of the first places that was looted was a black-owned business, I mean, they, they’re not even from here. They don’t even know what they’re doing.

They say they are peacefully protesting, but it’s not peaceful. It’s violent. My cousin attended one of the marches and he left. He said ‘this has turned into something else. This is weird.

You know what’s weirder? The way Leftists trolling the police Twitter timeline immediately confirmed that they are racist.

Several called Officer Jackson a “token.”

This person tried to change the subject while being a racist.

“Tokenizing much?”


Here’s another way to call Officer Jackson a token:

Someone immediately did a back ground check on the officer in an attempt to intimidate him by doxxing him. Recently, antifa’s hackers doxxed the entire Portland Police Bureau officer’s roster.

Another claimed that Officer Jackson was a minstrel performer.

Oregon Politicos Defend Antifa and BLM Rioters

Politicians find it politically convenient to blame President Trump for riots that have been going on for weeks.

Portland’s mayor and U.S. Senator Ron Wyden have blamed President Trump for injuring an imported antifa protester from Texas who got hurt while attacking federal officers. The federal officers are ordered to protect the federal courthouse, which had been under attack for days.

Wyden called the rioter a “peaceful protester” and claimed that the officers deployed to protect the courthouse were President Trump’s “secret police.” Yes, Oregon politicians are that unhinged.


Wyden and Mayor Ted Wheeler, along with their fellow elected Leftists might want to heed Officer Jackson’s words before they line up behind racist antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters.


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