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Antifa and BLM Flee CHOP and Leave Behind Evidence of Their Real Goal – a Voter Guide

Antifa and BLM Flee CHOP and Leave Behind Evidence of Their Real Goal – a Voter Guide
AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

You can be forgiven for your skepticism of the stated reason behind by the rioting, looting, statue shaming, and “autonomous zones” around the country.

The intentional chaos inflicted by another acronym-challenged mob has long ceased to be about George Floyd’s horrible murder at the hands of police officers.

These so-called “autonomous zones” are just “Occupy (Your City Name Here)” with a few more black people.

Police brutality is the raison d’être now but that’s fleeting because each of the cultural revolution franchises has moved into the business of tearing down statues to continue the violence and need for attention.

And, of course, the real reason: to gain political power.

That’s why as CHAZ CHOP Antifastan winds down after hapless Mayor Jenny Durkan threatened to send in a platoon of social workers, there’s been a humorous power struggle between “leaders” of the movement.

CHOP Power Struggle

Raz the Rapper Warlord is out, according to a woman who claims she’s the weapons procurer for the army of zombies, who both disagree with a frequent social media commentator who has established a breakaway autonomous zone around the Space Needle.

Pretty soon you’ll need a scorecard to just keep track of the leadership of this group.

Elected Democratic leadership has been silent about the violence or, as Nancy Pelosi has done, encouraged more.

And now comes the political pay off of all the destruction, theft, chaos, rioting and looting.

Behold, a voter guide for any and all CHOP or CHAZ who made Antifastan their home since June 8th.

CHAZ CHOP antifastan voter guide

CHAZ CHOP voter guide, Twitter screenshot.

Dear Comrades in the Struggle

This voter guide appears on the “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (Official Account)” on Twitter, which has subsequently gone dark. Perhaps the result of another power struggle?

The tweeted message starts with “Dear Comrades in the Struggle.”

It discusses the relocation of the CHOPistanis after social workers succeed in chasing them out. It discusses the numbers of people at new locations around the city, such as the Space Needle. It ends with the voter guide.

CHOP Chaz Message

Twitter screenshot of the CHOP message.

It encourages all CHOPistanis to vote for Joe Biden for president, Jay Inslee for governor and Jenny Durkan when she’s up for re-election.

It’s possible that this is a troll or the result of another power struggle.

But, considering the unserious nature of this movement, it’s hard to know which.

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