'Is George Washington Next?' – Why, Yes, Mr. President, Yes He Is. The Mob Tears Down Washington Statue in Portland

'Is George Washington Next?' – Why, Yes, Mr. President, Yes He Is. The Mob Tears Down Washington Statue in Portland
Twitter screenshot, @Louistheleftist.

When the mob came for Confederate statues in 2017, President Trump was widely ridiculed when he asked if George Washington would be next.

Is it George Washington next week and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You have to ask yourself where does it stop?

Some scorned him for putting Confederate soldiers of the breakaway country in the same camp with Jefferson and Washington, arguing, “Washington and Jefferson didn’t wage war against the United States,” followed by various variations of “you dummy.” Others talked of “taking down Trump hotels.”

He was dismissed as a white supremacist with all kinds of crazy talk. You know the drill.

But here we are. And Trump was right.

The secular Taliban, as my friend Rees Lloyd has labeled them, hasn’t stopped suing to get rid of monuments and statues that honor God and country. They’ve sued to scrub all of them, from the top of Mt. Soledad to the outcroppings of rocks in the Mojave Desert. Lloyd was part of all the efforts to defend these in court.

And now they’ve come for Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

The secular Taliban must slake their thirst on our country’s very founding.

And if you defend those statues you’re no better than a slaveholder and canceled.

You’ll forgive me. This one’s personal. I went to Washington High School in Portland, Oregon, back in the old days. It closed when a cyclical baby boom went bust.

Now the old school has been transformed into condos and a rooftop bar near the left’s favorite hangout at the St. Francis Church nearby.

Currently, I’d give that building a better than even chance of being reduced to a pile of white-hot steaming red brick rubble by next week, or at least soon.

Washington Is a ‘Genocidal Colonist’?

Why would antifa leave that building standing when “Revolution Hall,” named for the evil American — not vaunted French — Revolution, sits inside? It’s my school’s old auditorium, close to where my locker was my senior year.

Antifa and their radical allies have recently begun using the area as a staging point for their protests and riots, but when they find out that it’s named for the wrong revolution – the one that brought freedom from British tyranny – who knows what they’ll do, especially after what they pulled Thursday night.

After Mayor Ted Wheeler booted out the anarchist monkey wrenchers, antifa, and Black Lives Matter protesters from their version of Antifastan in his expensive neighborhood, a subgroup cast about, looking for another publicity stunt public statue or something to destroy.

They found George Washington sitting at 57th and Sandy Boulevard.

‘F*ck George Washington’

The takedown of the statue of the “father of our country” was highlighted by a crowing Portland antifa member, Luis Marquez. Marquez was slightly nervous that someone would tie him to the destruction of the statue, so he added “not my pics” as he gleefully exclaimed, “no justice no peace f*ck George Washington [sic].”

Now you know what is meant by “no peace.”

Find out more about the “peaceful” Luis.

The so-called “Portland Youth Liberation Front” – if that sounds familiar it’s because it’s like every other terrorist group’s name in the Middle East – took responsibility for the destruction by inviting others to join in.

Someone unfamiliar with history spray-painted the words “genocidal colonist” at the base of the statue. George Washington did live in the colonies, but he – please read this slowly – led the effort to throw off the shackles of the colonialist powers in Britain and create a new country called, repeat after me, the United States of America.

States aren’t colonies.

Washington was also not a “genocidal” anything.

I admire the fact that the revolutionary general and first president of the United States was asked to stay on as president and said no. They were willing to make him king and he turned it down. He said he’d go back to his little place on the Potomac, Mt. Vernon, to farm again. He freed his slaves when he died.

‘1619’ Written on Base of Toppled Washington Statue

Note also that the date 1619 appears on the toppled statue in the photos above. That refers to the 1619 project, a debunked New York Times project to rewrite America’s founding history that would shame even the shameless Howard Zinn.

This would also explain why these children know nothing more about Washington except that he owned slaves 240-plus years ago.

Earlier in the week, the secular Taliban zombies went to another venerable Portland high school and destroyed the statue of Thomas Jefferson. Yes, Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. He freed a few but he did hold slaves. And, yet, Thomas Jefferson wrote most of the Declaration of Independence. Will the woke mob go after that next?

During the latest round of riots in Washington, D.C., BLM, antifa, and their buddies defaced the Lincoln Memorial – remember that guy, Lincoln? Signed the “Emancipation Proclamation” – all four versions. That whole fighting a war to free the slaves thing? Assassinated by a crazy leftist?

They burned the church across the street from the White House.

“Is it George Washington next week and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You have to ask yourself where does it stop?”

Where does it stop, anyway?

Seems like somebody should say something.

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