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Portland Rioters Surround Car and Driver Shoots His Way Out

Portland Rioters Surround Car and Driver Shoots His Way Out
Portland antifa surround car, driver shoots his way out. Photo from social media video.

Every night for the past six weeks in Portland, Oregon, antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters, looters and vandals have turned what used to be a nice neighborhood in downtown into a war zone. Portlanders are sick of it.


The police commissioner/mayor and the new BLM-approved police chief have done little about it. The Portland Police Officers Association held a scathing news conference, issuing a no-confidence throwdown to City Hall and begging elected officials to stop defending antifa.

But next to nothing has been done by local Portland police.

Rioters Surround Car, Driver Shoots His Way Out

Now it looks as if the people are taking the matters into their own hands.

In the early hours of July 9th, a person driving a white car in downtown Portland was surrounded by rioters.

The “protesters” demanded that the driver “get off the f*cking road!”

Within seconds multiple shots were fired in the air from the car. No one was hit.

The person who took the video claims that the driver had been with the protesters drinking.

The motive for the shooting is anyone’s guess, as Portland police didn’t respond to the active shooter.

Millions of Dollars in Riot Damage to Portland

More than $23 million worth of damage has been done to downtown businesses since the antifa and BLM insurrection began in earnest.


Vandalism is everywhere. Red paint has been splashed on the steps of the downtown prosecutors’ office. Windows are boarded up. Businesses have been looted. People are afraid to come downtown even in the daytime.

Police won’t do much of anything, as antifa-watcher Andy Ngo has pointed out repeatedly.

The Left Blames Portland Cops for Inflaming Antifa

As PJMedia reported, President Trump sent in extra federal officers to defend the federal courthouse in downtown Portland.  Left-leaning alt-weekly Willamette Week wildly suggested that the cops may have caused antifa to do what antifa routinely does: destroy.

Whether police or protesters are in fact responsible for an escalation in hostilities over recent weeks is a matter of bitter dispute in Portland. Since protests began May 29, property destruction at the courthouses has been a feature of nightly gatherings. But so has violent force employed by police to protect those buildings—leading to a chicken-or-egg question of who’s responsible for showdowns where police have deployed tear gas at least 1 in every 4 nights.

Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr has begun prosecuting these antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists who attacked federal officers in a days-long siege in which multiple agents were wounded by lobbed IED’s, rocks, bottles of urine and more.


On Friday night, antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters tried to break into the federal building again and took a hammer to the head of a federal officer.

‘Official’ Portland Supports Antifa

These six weeks of riots come on top of years of antifa and Black Lives Matter insurrection. The violence grew worse in the summer leading up to the 2016 election when journalist Michael Strickland was filming a Black Lives Matter/Don’t Shoot Portland event and antifa attacked him. Strickland was roughed up by black bloc clad antifa who called him a “racist” and ordered him off the public street where the unpermitted event was being held.

Strickland retreated to a place in the back, but when masked black bloc clad and other protesters saw him again, they began to circle him to physically throw him out. That’s when Strickland drew his legally owned and concealed Glock pistol and held them off. He was arrested and thrown in jail. He faced 50 years in prison. His ten “victims” were nearly all unnamed and described in DA’s reports as being masked, wearing a hoodie, etc. It was a disgrace.

His conviction in hyper-political Multnomah County was upheld by the Oregon Appeals Court. The legal case isn’t over yet.


The message that the District Attorney, ACLU, and courts were hoping to send was you that can’t defend yourself against the mob in Portland. Even terrified people whose cars are surrounded or chased by protesters have been the ones prosecuted – not the violent protesters who foment the event.

The Portland police officers union has begged elected officials to stop defending the violent protesters. That obviously hasn’t happened. The only serious prosecutions of antifa and their BLM counterparts is being done by President Donald Trump and his attorney general.


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