Portland Prosecutors Must Want More Violence. They Just Dropped Charges Against Dozens of Criminal Rioters.

Portland Prosecutors Must Want More Violence. They Just Dropped Charges Against Dozens of Criminal Rioters.
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Portland prosecutors just dropped the charges against Black Lives Matter and antifa rioters who have turned downtown Portland into a hell-scape after six weeks of rioting. Rioters who are arrested are ticketed and released.


There’s an old saying from the Bible that has been adapted by management gurus: What gets rewarded gets repeated. Using that logic, Portland has just signed itself up for more riots.

KGW TV looked at the arrests and prosecutions of the 400 people caught by the Portland police at the riots. Multnomah County prosecutors dropped the charges against 59 of the protesters.

Dozens of protesters arrested during mass demonstrations in downtown Portland have had their criminal charges dropped and cases closed.
KGW analysis of police and court records shows the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office dropped charges against at least 59 of the roughly 400 protesters arrested since mass demonstrations started in Portland in late May.

The 59 freed rioters represent only 15% of the arrests.

That’s small solace to the law-abiding people who are too petrified to go downtown for fear of being circled by antifa and BLM jackals.

Torch a Bank, Get Released

And here’s the story of one of the harmless little babies released by “the man.”

In one case, Portland police arrested a 25-year-old protester for allegedly setting fire to a Chase Bank in downtown Portland on May 30, the second night of large-scale protests in the city. The Portland resident was charged with arson, criminal mischief and riot. KGW is not naming the person because charges have been dismissed.

The Chase Bank is a typical downtown target of the Portland Professional Protesters™.

In 2011, in the “days of rage” during and after “Occupy” Portland, police protected it.

But that was three mayors and seven police chiefs ago. It’s hard to believe, but the pederast mayor who marched with Occupy in 2011 is tougher on rioters than the milquetoast mayor is now.

In May, after George Floyd was killed over in Minneapolis, Portland rioters set the same Chase Bank on fire and attempted to loot it. There’s video – a lot of video – of the attack.

Portland Arsonist: Hey Maaan, I Didn’t Do It

But the charges against the rioter/looter who was there, who was accused of torching the bank, and who was charged, were dropped by Multnomah County prosecutors. Why?

A Multnomah County prosecutor described in a probable cause affidavit how the person bragged about using a Molotov cocktail to start the fire and talked about plans to go “out on another mission and the goal would be to set another fire.” When confronted by detectives, the person admitted being present when the fire started but denied setting it, according to the court documents.

And a grand jury bought it. Sounds like a Portland grand jury alright.

Here’s video with the faces of some of the rioters and looters trying to break in to set the place on fire. Note the comment about the skateboard off-camera in which a person says to the board basher, “hey [blurble] it’s not your board.”

Hey, maaaan, that’s not your bank, either.

Try that the next time you get pulled over. I was there, but I wasn’t speeding.

Portland Rioters Caught and Released

KGW reported that its survey into the data found that most of the charges dropped were people who “interfered” with police officers, disorderly conduct (which is what rioters do), and resisting arrest.

Watch the video in this tweet to see what police are dealing with on the streets, not just in Portland, but around the country. Note the claim of disability, followed by a hope for a dire outcome for the nearest police officer.


KGW says “nine cases dismissed by prosecutors involved more serious felony charges, including riot, arson, and theft in the first degree.”

You read that right. They dropped charges against rioters.

‘Arrests Are Meaningless’

Portland Police arrest rioters, ticket them and then they walk away.

As KGW reports, if they’re charged at all, chances are good that those charges will be dropped.

On June 15, Portland police issued a press release detailing the arrest of 14 adults related to overnight demonstrations. The protesters ranged in age from 19 to 52 years old. The charges listed by Portland police included disorderly conduct, interfering with a police officer resisting arrest, escape in the third degree.

Court records indicate charges against all 14 defendants have been dropped and their cases are closed.

A former Oregon District Attorney, Josh Marquis, can’t believe the DA’s response to the constant rioting.


It is incomprehensible to me that you could have downtown Portland destroyed the way it has, tens of millions of dollars in damage, and say, ‘Well, there’s no accountability for that.’

What that does is it makes arrests meaningless.

No accountability.

And that means Portland prosecutors want more of this.

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