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What not to do in a life-or-death situation.
Gen. Nicholson says Russians promoting "false narrative" that "there are thousands of ISIS fighters in Afghanistan" to justify their support to the Taliban.
Secretary Wilson: "We are too small for all the missions that we're being asked to carry out on behalf of the nation... we're burning out."
Defense Department inspector general opening broader review after Devin Kelley's domestic violence wasn't entered in background check database.
"In the course of 3 minutes of confusion in a high traffic sea channel, the McCain was in irreversible trouble," review found.
Strength of Islamic State forces remaining in Syria and Iraq estimated to be "anywhere from 3,000 to 7,000" fighters.
South Korean counterpart emphasizes that "faced with strong might of the ROK-U.S. forces," Kim "will be met with a proportional and firm response."
ISIS "is down, really, to its last 10 percent of territory," says envoy McGurk, while coalition training classes for Syrian fighters are full.
Shiite militias "are not fans of inclusive governance" and "want to Lebanon-ize Iraq, just like they’d like to Lebanon-ize Syria."
"Did the intelligence that was available to them change?" chairman asks. "Did they decide to do something different than the original patrol?