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McCain: "Is there a plan B here or do we just keep going back to the five-star hotels in Geneva?"
Here are the basic rules on when you can or cannot legally shoot an aggressor.
SecDef: "America's nuclear deterrence is the bedrock of our security."
"American forces combating ISIL in Iraq are in harm's way," Defense secretary stresses.
"Pure white Prophetic flag symbolizing loftiness of the Word of Allah once again being raised," claim Taliban.
Presidential directive says diverse workforce "more effective at problem solving than homogeneous groups."
"But these are people who have been vetted," says Pentagon spokesman.
Carter: "Our ships are very capable of defending themselves."
Coalition spokesman reports "three casualties to Manbij residents" by school bombs before clearance.
Potential October surprise still on Iraqi government timetable, says U.S. military.
ISIS trying to block civilians from fleeing as Iraqi and Peshmerga forces press on their lines from multiple directions.
Pentagon says it's "too soon to say... what the Americans will do in that advisory capacity" once inside ISIS stronghold.