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Bipartisan group seeks "strong signal of America’s unwavering commitment to and support for one of our strongest partners in the region."
Questions come as Coast Guard lieutenant who reportedly said he was a skinhead plotting mass murder is indicted on drug and weapons charges.
Dunford told reporters he's "confident we can maintain the campaign as we plan to" in Syria": "This is about campaign continuity."
"The strategies we have employed have not achieved the results we had intended" to reduce sexual misconduct, says official.
There is a legal term in the military for open public criticism of a superior by a subordinate. It is called insubordination.
That was far more troubling than Mattis's resignation.
Resolute Support says another U.S. soldier killed over the weekend "was likely accidentally shot by our Afghan partner force" in fight with al-Qaeda.
"This is actually very good training because they’re rehearsing everything that we do in a real -- in a deployment elsewhere in the world."
Hagel argued "it does have an effect" on the morale of service members "because he is the commander in chief."