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Qatar denies charges, says others "conveniently" ignore terrorism support of their Mideast accusers.
Jones says “trying to build empires around the world” does not work.
Contrary to what we hear in the media, America is still a "shining city on a hill."
They would die for Vox's right to slander their honor.
"We are going to stop [ISIS] there and take apart the caliphate."
“When it comes to our border, it’s not a wall that can prevent anything,” Sajjan said.
ISIS has lost every Raqqa op battle to SDF, which recently liberated a number of Yazidi sex slaves.
Deal to end battle in Tabqa "prevented a potential humanitarian disaster," says DoD.
Cardin vowed "to make it clear" to Philippines leader "that there will be consequences for his barbaric actions."
Terror group claims they seized munitions in the attack on "advise and assist mission."
SDF "dominating" ISIS in offensive to retake Raqqa, "not an area that they're just going to give up very easily."
Tennessee legislator Mark Green says he's being targeted for being a Christian.