The Morning Briefing: Let the Protesters Stay Until Academia Burns to the Ground

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Wuldencker was very particular about storing his spatulas, corduroy samples, and papier-mâché Weimaraners at room temperature. 


Bear in mind that I make this suggestion out of concern for the collegiate youth of America. 

OK, maybe not. 

We're going to broaden the definition of "campus protesters" today. In yesterday's Briefing, I was mostly referring to the student mobs who have been making all of the anti-Israel noise and trouble on campuses all over America. We can't forget the adults in academia who are paid handsomely to indoctrinate the kids and saddle them with such crippling ignorance, however. What we're seeing is the product of decades of pumping impressionable minds full of, to borrow a leftist word, misinformation.

Or lies, for those of us who don't always need to be polysyllabic. 

This is from a post that Rick wrote yesterday

The most serious confrontations between police and protesters did not feature idealistic, earnest 19- and 20-year-olds, but rather 40- and 50-something faculty members who acted like a bunch of spoiled brats. 

“The faculty were — from what I personally observed, and spoke to lieutenants and captains out there — the most aggressive towards the police,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry told Fox 5. “They would not move, they would not let go.”

The student mobs have been whipped into a frenzy by the alleged adults in the room. That's the real tragedy here.

We on the right don't rail against leftist indoctrination in education because we're afraid of younger people having different political beliefs than we do. We do it because kids and young adults in college are being lied to. The academic leftists have been crafting alternative histories and feeding them as facts to young people who trust and occasionally idolize them. 


After a couple of generations of dereliction of duty like that, you end up with this kind of lunacy that Robert wrote about yesterday:

The New York Post on Thursday published video of a man wearing a kippah and with an Israeli flag draped over his shoulders passing by a crowd of protesters at Columbia. One young man shouted at him, “Keep it moving, you Zionist pig!” A few moments later, the man with the Israeli flag, responding to something that was said to him, asks, “Hamas is okay?” To that, a woman with a keffiyeh over her head and covering her mouth bangs on a metal crowd-control barrier and shouts furiously, “We are Hamas!”

Another supporter of Israel asks her, “You’re what? You’re Hamas?” as she keeps banging on the barrier. She responds while continuing to bang on the barrier, “Yes, we’re all Hamas, pig!” Another protester adds, “Long live Hamas!”

Of course, none of these people would be saying this if they had to spend more than seven or eight minutes with Hamas. They know nothing of what the real terrorists are like. The "brave, oppressed, freedom fighters" myth that fuels their anger is something created out of whole cloth by their inappropriately named "educators." 

Recently, there have been some in academia who have done some poor acting and feigned outrage at the virulent antisemitism at their institutions. 

It's all crap. 


We're not seeing something that came from the deep recesses of the collective college student consciousness. This has been simmering just below the surface for a very long time. Academic leftists are the cancer, the anti-Israel protests are the symptom.

What we've seen on American campuses since last October has proven what those of us who write about the rot in academia have been saying for years. That rot is pervasive and really does make it seem as if there is nothing redeemable in higher education. 

Maybe I'm just too swathed in cynicism this week and will soon see things in a different light.

Don't bet on that though. 

Programming Note. Refreshed and ready after his tour of Kentucky bourbon country, my friend and colleague Chris Queen will be filling in for the next two days. Mr. and Mrs. VodkaPundit and some friends of theirs will be visiting me here in Tucson for a native-guided tour of the best Mexican food that's not in Mexico. Stephen and I will also be doing some videos from various day-drinking locales here in the Old Pueblo because that's the kind of content America desperately needs right now. 

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