America 2024 Is Not 1938 Germany. It's Worse.

New York City Municipal Archives via AP

When we think of the Nazis who killed roughly six million Jews during WWII, we envision jack-booted, goose-stepping animals like Amon Goeth, standing on his porch and firing into a mass of Jews enslaved in the Płaszów concentration camp he ran. But that envisioning isn't always accurate.


The book "Ordinary Men, Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland" is a WWII history about a group of 500 men who were too old to fight. Thus, they were drafted and relegated to performing a "frightfully unpleasant task," as their tearful leader, Major Wilhelm Trapp, would put it in the early morning hours of July 13, 1942, in the Polish town of Jozefo.

Their mission that day was to murder 1,500 Jews, most of whom were women and children.

The men were not killers. Nor were they raging antisemites. They were working-class Joes with no formal military training.  

The men of Reserve Police Battalion 101 were adults when Hitler took control of Germany and thus dodged the Nazi ideology pounded into the soft heads of children who would grow up as members of the "Hitler Youth." They were largely blue-collar men from "red" Hamburg, a monicker used by the Nazis because the townspeople leaned toward communism in their views.

In other words, they were ordinary, middle-aged men, cabinet makers, bookkeepers, and construction workers who somehow found themselves ready to put bullets into the heads of Jewish women and children. And here's the kicker: they didn't have to.

The 500 men of Police Battalion 101 were given a choice, slaughter Jews or don't. 

When Major Trapp asked those who did not want to slaughter civilians to step forward, roughly ten men out of 500 did. The rest would spend the next few years committing genocide.


FACT-O-RAMA! The "ordinary men" of Police Battalion 101 would murder or round up roughly 87,000 civilians for death camps, making them the fourth deadliest of any mobile Nazi killing group.

Many hated the brutal task — take a panicking Jewish woman and her crying children into the woods, shoot them in the back of their heads, return, take two or three more, repeat. But they did it anyway, usually out of some sick allegiance to their comrades. 

Almost 80 years after Auschwitz was liberated, we like to think we are better than the animals who committed the Holocaust. Not so fast.

After watching the vile "protests" of antisemites in our nation, I posit that if our government asked for volunteers — not draftees — to step forward and murder Jews, the recruitment offices would be overrun.

The same jackpuddings who called Trump supporters "Nazis" have turned their attention to harassing Jewish students on campus and shouting for the death of Israel between gluten-free snack breaks.

FACT-O-RAMA! There are no MAGA hats in the above video.

Our colleges are bursting with antisemitism, but the students oozing bigotry can't blame a Hitler Youth childhood for their genocidal tendencies. Rather, I believe their college professors, many of whom are defending their pupils, are likely to blame.


Leftists are trying to suggest the Hamanazis taking over our colleges, airports, bridges, and highways are simply calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, but chants of "Death to Israel, death to America" tell us otherwise.

The imbecilic (and crashingly boring) sing-song chirping of "Burn Tel Aviv to the ground," tells me our nation, particularly the Arab/Muslim towns of Dearborn and Hamtramck, Mich., could easily find people willing to shoot Jewish women and kids with glee, unlike the men of Police Battalion 101 who frequently hated what they were doing yet continued to do.

It's nice to think that maybe the students calling for the massacre of Jews are stupid kids "going through a phase." But should Jewish people take that chance? Not at all.

Whether it was the Feb. 14, 1349, burning of 2,000 Jews in the town of Strasbourg, ostensibly to prevent the "Black Death" from ravaging the citizens, or the Holocaust of the 1930s and 1940s, Jews can't hope this nationwide persecution of their people is just something the budding anti-semites will outgrow. Especially when one thinks about the civilians who murdered and dismembered two Israeli soldiers back in 2000. How far away is America from such an atrocity?

FACT-O-RAMA! Members of Hamas celebrated their carnage on October 7, 2023. Civilians happily smacked and spat upon the bodies of dead Jews, something rarely, if ever, seen during Germany's Holocaust.


The men of Police Battalion 101 chose to kill Jews they didn't hate. Imagine what raging antisemites, like the ones on our campuses, are capable of doing. 

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The far left is the new KKK, and its members are entitled trust-fund clowns who likely have never been held responsible for their actions. We the People owe it to America's Jews to avoid Holocaust 2.0.

Germany persuaded ordinary men to kill Jews. But watching the virulent antisemitism we are seeing throughout the nation, I fear the next round of Jewish genocide, should it happen here in the United States, won't require any "persuasion."


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