Democrats Are Riding the Tiger Right Into a Spicy Summer

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There isn't enough popcorn in the world for the s***show the American left is putting on this election year. If you are able to look past the Unprecedented™ horror of massive antisemitic mobs marching around the country (remember when the Citronella Nazis of Charlottesville were the worst thing evuh!!!?), you will find a situation of unparalleled entertainment value. The Democrats, in their zeal to radicalize and weaponize underemployed, spoiled Americans, have hoisted themselves so high by their own petard that they dropped off an order of Starbucks on their way past the ISS.


"Riding the tiger" is an expression describing the act of sitting astride a volatile situation because it serves the rider's purposes. But as the rider stokes the chaos, it becomes impossible for him or her to dismount without winding up in the tiger's supper dish. There's also the expression's lesser-known adjunct, "It's always fun to ride the tiger until it starts eating your friends." At the moment, the Democrats' tiger is gobbling up the woke universities in which the Left cultivates its activist armies.

We hear a lot of comparisons between the lawless demonstrations going on at Columbia University today, ostensibly against Israel's war with Hamas terrorists, and the hippie riots of 1968 when students protested the Vietnam War by tearing up the campus. But in the time between these two eras, Columbia has been a veritable boot camp for budding mob lords. 

Full disclosure: I graduated from CU. Yes, that place radicalized me — away from crazy, immoral, wrathful leftists. And for decades now, the university has enthusiastically trained its students to be nasty little disruptive tools. When I was a student there, the big thing was pressuring the university to divest from South Africa, which was the apartheid state punching bag at the time. And every spring, the encampments would return to campus as surely as the swallows to Capistrano. Students (and others — nice security you got there, Columbia) set up tents and shanties, rolled out sleeping bags, and blockaded academic buildings. Professors canceled classes in solidarity. Organizers were free to bus in additional agitators from around New York City, and the university did nothing about it. It was basically the academic equivalent of a large-scale military exercise. Remember — this is the place where a young Barack Obama learned his trade as a "community organizer."


So I've watched with interest as CU president Nemat "Minouche" Shafik called in the NYPD to clean up the mess and arrest disorderly protestors, some of whom were consequently suspended. Her counterparts at other big-ticket schools are doing the same. Where were these law-and-order administrators when I was in college, just trying to go to class and think freely?

But we all know this crackdown is much too little too late. There's no way to get all that Marxist toothpaste back in the tube. And with classes winding down for the summer, our poor country is about to be flooded with bored, radicalized college students. With the war ongoing and a national election ramping up, the stage is set for a spicy summer indeed.

Exclusively for our VIPs: Will the 2024 Chicago Democratic Convention Be a Repeat of 1968?

For starters, the DNC 2024 convention, scheduled for August 19-22 in the United Center in Chicago, promises to be a mobulent spectacle on par with the famously violent convention of 1968. Back then, Mayor Daley called in the troops to crack some hippie heads. But today's DNC, beholden to its left-wing tiger, won't be able to do anything about it. Their biggest fear is a protester injured by DNC law enforcement who has an iPhone and a social media platform. I look forward to watching them attempt to thread that needle, all the more so because they created their own impossible dilemma.


Sadly, many cities will be trashed, too. As the Biden campaign hemorrhages black support (especially that of black men), it is undoubtedly searching frantically for video of cops or rednecks beating a black person. Once they find the appropriate poster child, their media arm will blow it up bigger than the sun, and we all know what happens next.

I used to feel bad for the innocent people caught up in the Marxist maelstrom, but I'm starting to lose my last bit of sympathy. They vote for this stuff over and over and over — and by huge margins. Watching leftist prosecutors team up with leftist juries to persecute a former U.S. president and front-running candidate has purged me of my last drop of concern for these people.

They created this tiger. They fed it and groomed it and sharpened its teeth and claws and taught it to rage. My plan for the summer is to stay out of the path of destruction as best I can, sit back, and take in the show.


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