Wyoming Health Dept. Funding R-Rated Drag Show

Image by Marcel van Engelenburg from Pixabay

The Wyoming Health Department is reportedly using taxpayer dollars to fund a boastfully explicit drag event.

The “Drag Queen Bingo 2024” event on April 27 proudly announces that it is “not your grandmother’s church parlor bingo,” but rather “this show is Rated ‘R’ – REALLY not for kids!” At least there is a warning on the show, but why on earth would the Health Department of the state of Wyoming be spending citizens’ hard-earned tax money on the event? Well, the event’s proceeds go to individuals with HIV/AIDS, the government’s justification for contributing grant money to it.


The event, where VIP tables cost $400, repeatedly mentions alcohol and promises “Free Rapid HIV Testing!” (One wonders what happens after the drinking, bingo, and talent show.) “This year’s theme is ‘Rhinestone Cowboy.’ So rustle up yer herd ’cause the Stilettos are ready to head out!” the site enthuses. “Grab a posse of besties and put on your spurs because it’s time gather ’round the fire and be fabulous! Join us at Queen Acres (aka Grand Ave Hilton Garden Inn Ballroom) for another night of bingo, music, and madness!…Drag kings Oscar Jackson and Darian Xavier are back again to host the Homegrown Talent Pre-Show at 6 pm!”

A Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) spokeswoman confirmed to Cowboy State Daily that government funds — $3,000, to be exact — had gone into the upcoming drag event. “While we wouldn’t necessarily agree with the description of the department’s grant support as sponsorship, it is true a small amount of federal grant funding has been approved by program staff to support the event’s planned disease prevention activities,” Kim Deti wrote the outlet. She was apparently referring to the fact that WDH was listed as a sponsor of Drag Queen Bingo on some online banners.


Deti said the group helps Wyomingites living with HIV to cover medical, dental, vision, mental health, housing and other costs, and said WDH’s goal of preventing sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, is “supported via outreach to many groups of people.”

According to Deti, “Program staff do regularly participate in such events as part of their outreach strategy.” These are probably not the sort of people you want in charge of your state’s healthcare.

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Below is an image shared by Libs of TikTok of the annual bingo event. The event’s website says it “began as the official after-party for the Wyoming AIDS Walk in 2002, but over the years Drag Queen Bingo has grown into the social event of the season.”

It seems as if state and federal government agencies are increasingly dedicated to pushing LGBTQ-related propaganda. For example, the Biden administration reportedly funded drag shows for minors in Ecuador. The monstrous spending package recently passed by Congress provided money to a group distributing LGBTQ gear, including dangerous chest binders and gaffs, without parental permission. A state government agency in Indiana confiscated the son of a Catholic couple who refused to affirm his delusion that he was “transgender.”


LGBTQ ideology is fast becoming a state religion — or rather, a state-enforced cult.


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