The Morning Briefing: The Deadly Palestinian Public Relations Scam That Dupes the Left

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Klebwinz was slow to admit that Beverly Hills wasn’t a good target market for his Cheetos-encrusted bacon balls vending machines.


While watching the various responses to the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel, it’s galling to see so many educated Americans throw in with the “Pity the poor Palestinians” crowd. We spent some time last week examining the elected American officials who should know better but continue to be apologists for the dregs of humanity. Again, it shouldn’t be difficult to say that evil is, you know, evil.

We shouldn’t have to repeat that, but the world is off its meds.

To most of us, the terrorists don’t do much to sell themselves as anything but savages. They do a very effective job, however, of pitching a monumental myth to American leftists. Well, leftists around the world, actually, but we’re more concerned with our own loons. Pondering the amount of leftwing idiocy on a global scale can be the catalyst for permanently moving the painkillers from the medicine cabinet to the bar cart.

We are fortunate to have some in-house experts here at PJ Media on Middle East and jihad-related matters, and two of them wrote columns over the weekend that should be required reading for any American lefties who offered “Yeah but,” responses to what Hamas did in Israel.

One of the most frequent talking points you’ll hear from Islamic terrorist sympathizers is that Israel is an “apartheid state.” Robert Spencer provided some educational background on that, putting the idiotic talking point to bed rather quickly:

The only thing that’s lacking from the left’s scenario is any actual apartheid. The term “apartheid” comes from South Africa, where it referred to a system of institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination that was in place from 1948 to 1991. The word itself means “separateness,” and South Africa instituted numerous laws to keep the races apart in schools, workplaces, and areas where the public gathered, such as beaches.

There is absolutely nothing like this in Israel. As my Jihad Watch colleague Hugh Fitzgerald has explained: “In Israel, Arabs sit on the Supreme Court, serve in the Knesset, go abroad as ambassadors. The chairman of Israel’s largest bank, Bank Leumi, is an Arab. Jews and Arabs work in the same factories and offices, play on the same sports teams and in the same orchestras, act in the same films, are treated in the same hospitals by both Jewish and Arab medical personnel, attend the same classes in the same universities. Jews and Arabs own restaurants and start high-tech businesses together. The only difference in their treatment is that Jews must, while Arabs may, serve in the military.”


This is yet another example of leftists spouting something as fact even though is easily disproven, which is why I keep saying that they seem to think that none of us have the internet. Democrats are so used to selling their falsehoods by having their flying monkeys in the mainstream media repeat them ad nauseam that it now works on even the people who knew that they were lying in the first place.

The end game is plain to see with this one. Perception is everything, so if they can make people believe through the repetition of a lie that Israel is an evil, oppressive empire, they can justify anything that’s done to it.

Now onto the question of the greater struggle of the “Palestinians,” which Rabbi Michael Barclay wrote about:

And now comes the seed that leads to the current support from the left of “Palestine.” In the early 1960s, the Arab coalition was not only physically losing wars, but was considered bullies of Israel in worldwide media. They were the Goliath that kept losing to David. So they hired the public relations firm of Dudley-Anderson-Yutzy in New York (founded in 1909, no longer in business) to change their image in the world. George Anderson told them they needed a “victim,” a group that would be perceived as smaller and even more abused than the Israelis, and the Palestinian cause was born.

Like I said in the headline, it’s an actual public relations scam. The rich “Palestinian” history that the perpetually aggrieved American protester class thinks is being fought for is a work of creative fiction. It’s an even easier sell to the American Left today, given that they spent all of 2020 convincing themselves that Joe Biden was a thoughtful centrist who would bring some class to the White House.

They’ve made their gullibility a cornerstone of their politics.

This is yet another situation where the mainstream media, Academia, and the public education indoctrination mill have worked in concert to kill intellectual curiosity and warp history. Once the false history groundwork is laid, current affairs become easier to spin with false narratives. Rabbi Barclay destroys the most common one we’re hearing right now:


As for Gaza? In 2005, the Israelis, in their eternal quest for peace, gave self-governance to the people of Gaza. In 2007, the people of Gaza elected Hamas as their leadership by over 90%, and they have reelected and kept Hamas in power for these 16 years. Please do not cry for a distinction between the citizens of Gaza and Hamas, for Hamas was and has been elected by the people of Gaza for almost two decades.

The butchers in Hamas, along with their cowardly terrorist brethren, have managed to paint a picture of justified grievance to people who spend their lives in search of reasons to be aggrieved. As sales gigs go, this wasn’t a rough one.

American leftists are just suckers for a lovable murderer story.

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

As promised, a rare Monday Mailbag. David wrote this early last week:

Hi Kruizer,

Today’s commentary was spot on. Of course no one in the Media will admit that Ultimately “Old Joe” bears much of the responsibility for what happened in Israel this weekend.

Thanks for bringing the facts out in the open. 

But most special thanks for the Duke Ellington moment. Great music to sooth our souls when there’s so much chaos in the world.

Thanks Again

Thank you, David. I know that everything was very raw at the beginning of last week, but I was hoping someone would make it to the end and appreciate the Ellington clip. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

This is from Garrett:


I’ve called Colorado my home for the better part of 78 years (moved here when I was 9 months old) and with the exception of most of the 20 years I was in the Army I have lived here. Unfortunately I have had to watch my state turn from red to purple to blue as more and more transplants for California come here and think they can find solace in a new place, yet still vote the way they did when living on the left coast.


Hernandez was recently appointed to fill a vacancy in the state legislature by the CO Democratic Party. He is a card-carrying communist and makes no bones about it. Even the Denver Post (not your most enlightened print newspaper in America) condemned his statements in their editorial yesterday. But as you can see from his response to the interview, he doesn’t care and will only push all the harder on his radical communist agenda. And he is a teacher, furthering his danger to America and our youth.

Love your Morning Briefing. Keep up God’s work.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all talking about Colorado “going purple,” then, “being purple.” Now, guys like this can casually waltz into the mix. That’s always the danger in any blue shift. I hope that we’re not on the same trajectory here in Arizona. Once again, the case for abolishing the Department of Education is made.

Thanks for being a regular here!

Eric writes:

G’Day my morning humorist,

I’ve heard some folks say “One debate between Trump and brain-dead Biden would cinch the election”.  Yes, it would, if the debate occurs.  But since Trump has set the precedent of not showing up for a debate, Biden can always skip it and cite Trump as precedent.

Maybe skipping the GOP debates is not strategically brilliant.

There’s a laundry list of reasons why Trump skipping the debates is stupid (and insulting to the voters), but I hadn’t thought of this one yet. You’re spot on, Eric! (Here come the Truth Social Wasteland fanboys.)

Merry shares part of her journey:

After reading your Morning Briefing the other day, I realized you have come up with a highly effective diet. I put it into effect immediately. Whenever hunger pangs strike, I think “spam pudding” and my stomach immediately revolts at the idea of food. Down 3 pounds already!

My life coaching methods may be unorthodox, Merry, but my results are undeniable.

We’ll wrap up with this note from Ken:


Every Morning my wife and I sit in our kitchen sipping our morning coffee as I read aloud your daily column. I do so with great enthusiasm!
You Always hit the nail square on the head.
Todays commentary was once again right on the mark.
Thank you for providing us with clear thinking wisdom.

High praise indeed, Ken! Thank you very much for letting me join you and your bride for coffee. You keep reading, and I’ll keep writing!

As always, thanks to everyone for reaching out.

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