The Morning Briefing: Democrats' Desperate Biden Options — Basement or Replacement

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Even Anselmo was surprised by the popularity of his “Borscht and Tamales” night at singles bingo.


This is a conversation that’s popular among those of us on the Right, largely because we’re not suffering the mass delusion about Joe Biden that his “supporters” are. We see the obvious physical and mental decline, trust our eyes, and are honest about what’s actually going on.

Biden’s fan club has been in full “see no demented evil” mode, aided by the flying monkeys in the mainstream media who have been constantly spinning every slurry torture of the English language and circular walkabout that Biden does on camera. As we discussed here a couple of weeks ago, they’ve even gone so far as to claim that one of his obvious signs of dementia is proof that he isn’t suffering from it.

Cool story.

Now that Sir Sniffsalot has committed to running for reelection, it appears that some of his sycophants are belatedly realizing that — when it comes to their guy — there is no “there” there anymore. Not that there was much there even in Biden’s prime.

Mr. Green has more on this:

Presidentish Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is “addressing his age,” according to NBC News — by going to comical lengths to try and hide the fact that the octogenarian is increasingly frail, moody, and just plain weird.

“Addressing?” I would like to say to NBC News in my best Inigo Montoya voice. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

It’s an indicator of how cloistered this White House is, because according to the NBC News article, Team Biden didn’t realize just how bad their chief’s public appearances had become until he tripped — “hard,” as NBC put it — over a sandbag at last month’s Air Force Academy commencement. “Afterward,” Carol E. Lee, Peter Nicholas, and Monica Alba reported, “a few huddled to figure out what may have gone wrong and how to make sure that such an embarrassing and dangerous incident never happens again.’”


The few on the Left who dare to whisper that the emperor may not be wearing any clothes like to focus on the sandbag incident, as if its presence is proof that Biden hasn’t completely lost it. Forget all of the other stumbles, mumbles, and handshakes with people who weren’t there, that damned sandbag is Public Enemy Number One.

Stephen’s post goes on to detail the elaborate Kabuki theater production that Biden’s handlers are going through to make it seem like he can function on his own for more than 30 seconds at a time.

If Biden’s people are sincere about making “sure that such an embarrassing and dangerous incident never happens again,” there are a couple of easy fixes: Basement Campaign 2.0 or have him pull out of the race.

I’ve been writing for a while now that I don’t believe that there is any way the Dems can prop up Biden through November of next year. He truly does appear to decline more with each public appearance.

There are rumors about rumors (the dreaded “double-rumor” scenario) that some on the Left are discussing replacing Biden. As I mentioned at the top, it’s a really hot topic of conversation among conservatives. The consensus on this side of the aisle is that, if the Dems can “retire” Biden, they will then somehow convince Kamala Harris to just pretend that none of the last couple of years have happened and meekly exit the Biden succession discussions. Then Gavin Newsom will be magically “Poofed!” into the equation.


Good luck with getting Madame Veep to check her ego.

The Democrats will have to figure out something soon. Biden as a candidate for more than another year isn’t — borrowing a word the Dems love — sustainable. The basement strategy from 2020 may work during the primaries, but he can’t hide for the last few months leading up to the general election. There can’t be that many Dem higher-ups who are relishing that prospect.

The nightmare — and very realistic — scenario is that Biden gets shooed off, Harris assumes the frontrunner mantle, and the Magic Mail-In Ballot Machine whisks her into a full term in the Oval Office.

As I have said many times, even though the Democrats are awash in buyer’s remorse over Harris, they are also the party that prioritizes diversity above everything else. In that world, it will be nigh on impossible to kick the HISTORIC FIRST female and Black Vice President of the United States to the curb.

Yes, Joe Biden is an unmitigated mess. Sadly, every option to replace him is worse.

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