The Morning Briefing: America's Real Domestic Terrorists Are Hiding Behind Pride Flags

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Lalos kept to himself whenever questioned about what truly went on in the hippodrome’s private spa area.


America’s current dystopian turn has been long in the making but manifesting more rapidly since about, oh, Jan. 20, 2021. Ever since the reins of the United States government were handed over to a mumbling moron who is being controlled by people who are almost as slow as he is, the official narrative about good guys and bad guys has been turned upon its head.

Just last week, we were again discussing the dangerously messed up priorities of federal law enforcement. Merrick Garland’s unhinged rogue Justice Dept. has been eyeing concerned parents and traditional Catholics. Neither group has produced any murderers yet. In fact, they have yet to even produce any vaguely terrorist-type plans, despite being voted “Most Likely to Kill Other Americans” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

That discussion was last Wednesday, just two days after the horror in Nashville. Since then, the narrative has been that the killer was really a victim and the victims were responsible for it all. That narrative is getting reinforcement from the lunatic at the top, which Robert covered:

On the same day that his principal opponent was indicted on the most dubious of charges, our Supreme Leader Joseph R. Biden Jr. proclaimed Friday to be the Transgender Day of Visibility, complete with a presidential proclamation. With six people dead in Nashville at the hands of a “transgender American” just four days before, this proclamation appeared at first glance to be spectacularly tone-deaf. It was planned before the shooting, as Old Joe first proclaimed March 31 to be the Transgender Day of Visibility in 2021, but nonetheless, Biden’s handlers had plenty of time to call it off after the massacre, or at very least to temper it with a warning about violence. Instead, whichever socialist wonk wrote the proclamation for Old Joe went full-throttle.


According to Pudding-for-Brains and his ilk, anyone who isn’t on board with the state-sponsored genital mutilation of third graders is the problem. As with all things leftist, anything but the problem is the problem. It’s an updated version of the Democrats’ spiel on Islamic terrorism that we’ve been hearing forever. We’re not supposed to judge the people who keep blowing other people up because that makes us “intolerant.”

Megan wrote an interesting story over the weekend about the trans crowd and tolerance:

Billboard Chris Elston has been traveling between Canada and the U.S. to protest the gender transition of children. His protests have been very effective and have brought much attention to the problem of experimenting on kids with dangerous, irreversible drugs and procedures. Due to his action, along with those of detransitioners, Gays Against Groomers, and other activists, many states have instituted bans on gender transition for minors.

Trans activists hate Elston. Yet he still goes directly into the fray taking his message into the belly of the beast without fear. He is usually alone or only accompanied by a cameraman or a few friends. He has been assaulted multiple times just for wearing a sign that says “children cannot consent to puberty blockers.”

A Canadian by birth, Elston is soft-spoken and stereotypically polite. I’ve never seen him get angry or yell even when activists are spitting in his face. The man has the demeanor of a saint and the courage of a lion. He attended a transgender rally in Vancouver on Friday and was assaulted multiple times while Vancouver police stood by, some of them laughing. They refused to make any arrests.


They seem super nice, don’t they?

As I wrote last week, members of the trans mob are a protected species. They can be as out of control as they want because of their permanent victim status, according to the lefties. It’s OK to be violent if they’re feeling put out by the right-wing nutjobs.

There’s plenty going on to whip the trans crowd into a frenzy. I mentioned in last Wednesday’s Briefing that Matt wrote about a trans activist group calling for a “Day of Vengeance” prior to the Nashville murders. Ben wrote a story on Saturday about Cenk Uygur of “Young Turks” infamy urging trans people to buy guns. His justification for this is that the trans mob has had a bunch of laws passed against it, which Ben points out is total nonsense.

The message to trans people from the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media couldn’t have been any clearer this past week: It’s acceptable to kill kids if you’re trans because, hey, Republicans are big meanies.

It’s not that different from justifying blowing up innocent people because that’s your ticket to the virgins in paradise.

The notion that trans people in America are under assault is patently absurd at this point. Never has such a tiny minority held such sway over a major political party, the media, and corporate America.

What the ones getting all of the attention are is dangerously radicalized. There isn’t a trans activist in America who hasn’t been emboldened by the way the Dems and the media have run interference for the psycho who slaughtered the people in Nashville a week ago. The speed and the gusto with which they did it lets anyone pondering committing violence know that they’ve got friends on the left.


Yes, Attorney General Garland, there are some serious domestic terrorist threats lurking in America.

Just not in any of the places you’re looking.

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