The Morning Briefing: Trump Throws His Hair Into the Ring for 2024

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Serge never forgave himself for believing that Tae-Bo and spandex could coexist peacefully.


So much for my hope that we could wait until after Christmas to get the 2024 Republican presidential nomination slog going. To the surprise of no sentient being in the Milky Way Galaxy, Donald Trump announced that he would be seeking to head back to the Oval Office after the American political equivalent of a presidential gap year.

Lincoln covered it for us:

Whether it was with gleeful anticipation or a sense of foreboding, most conservative eyes were turned toward Mar-a-Lago Tuesday night for Donald Trump’s announcement that he was running for his second term as president of the United States. Should he win, he would become the 45th and 47th president.

Trump took the stage at 9:00 Eastern, with his wife Melania in attendance, to the strains of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.” After thanking the audience, he told everyone watching that they were the heart and soul of a great movement in the greatest country in the world, adding that such a movement may never come again. “America’s comeback starts right now,” he said.

“I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” said Trump, to cheers from the audience. “This won’t be my campaign. This will be our campaign together…. We’re going to bring people together. We’re going to unify people.”

Trump is one of the only politicians I’ve ever believed when he talks about being in it together with his supporters. The bond forged in 2016 when they had to battle both the Democrats and the Republican elites together is a deep and genuine one. The Trump haters on both sides have never understood the warmth of his affection for his supporters.


I didn’t watch the speech. That’s not a dig on Trump — I rarely watch these things because all of my colleagues are usually doing it. I learn more from paying attention to their reactions (the commentary on our backchannel is nonstop) than I would by watching it myself.

A frequent refrain from my colleagues during the speech was that Trump was more subdued than usual and really sticking to the script. I’ve read that again in posts elsewhere. Whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen. Remember, the media will tear him apart no matter how he behaves. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of his extemporaneous, no-filter style. I hope for the sake of entertainment that it’s not going to be too muted.

Seeing Trump trigger virtually every lefty on Earth was fun to watch again. I swear there are some who are only on social media to wail like banshees when Trump is the big story.

As Victoria said in her remarks on the announcement, “Trump knows the worst the Democrats can conjure up is coming straight at him. I don’t care what you think of #DonaldTrump, the dude’s got guts.”

I’ve been around politics far too long to believe that the Democrats can’t become even worse. Rest assured, they will waste no time proving me right.

While speculation was running rampant on social media regarding Trump’s chances, polling analysis site FiveThirtyEight chimed in with this:


That escalated quickly.

One thing is certain now that Trump is officially back to try and pull off a Grover Cleveland 2.0: It’s not gonna be boring.

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