The Morning Briefing: Trump Has His Lawyers Firing on all Cylinders. Let's Hope He Keeps It Up

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Eliza always carried a brisket in the trunk just to give the chasing dogs extra incentive.


For the past six years, Democrats have been attributing all sorts of nefarious motives to why a lot of conservatives are fond of Donald Trump. His real appeal is rather simple. As Abraham Lincoln once said of Ulysses Grant, “He fights.”

After decades of watching milquetoast Republicans roll over and play dead for the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media, Trump was more than a breath of fresh air when he got into office. He was a hit of pure oxygen.

I remember marveling at him during just his first two months in office. Every evil, prevaricating force on the left was in full meltdown mode and assailing him. He didn’t blink and just kept punching back at them.

We are now two years removed from the 2020 sham election and two years away from a correction in 2024, and the Democrats still have Trump on the brain. They haven’t gotten any less vitriolic or any more truthful when attacking him.

And he’s still fighting.

One of his battles pertaining to the Biden Stasi raid on Mar-a-Lago has already made it up the legal food chain, as Victoria reported yesterday:

Former President Donald Trump has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a lower court’s decision to allow the FBI and Department of Justice to keep what they claim are classified documents from the hands of a special master named to go through the material taken in the unprecedented raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Thus far, the only proof we have that the FBI is on the up and up regarding the raid is that the Department of Justice has said that they haven’t done anything wrong. That’s like having an eight-year-old assure you that he had nothing to do with the broken lamp in his bedroom even though he was the only one in there when it broke.


The most entertaining news on the Trump legal front is that he’s going after CNN, which Kevin covered:

Former President Donald Trump is suing the Cable Commie News Network (CNN) for mad stacks, accusing them of conducting a “campaign of dissuasion in the form of libel and slander” in an effort to thwart his 2020 re-election bid.

The 29-page lawsuit claims CNN has a history of smack-talking Trump but has ramped up its attacks recently amidst rumors Trump will run for the White House again in 2022.

“As a part of its concerted effort to tilt the political balance to the left, CNN has tried to taint the Plaintiff with a series of ever-more scandalous, false, and defamatory labels of ‘racist,’ ‘Russian lackey,’ ‘insurrectionist,’ and ultimately ‘Hitler,’” the lawsuit states. It details several instances where CNN compared Trump to Hitler.

If ever a business entity deserved to be tied up with lawsuits until it choked on its own lying bile, it’s CNN. The network has been criminally irresponsible in its treatment of Trump. The CNN talking heads don’t do news there anymore, they traffic in wild, poorly sourced speculation that feeds into their ongoing daddy issues with Trump.

What the people running Biden’s brain, congressional Democrats, and the corruptomedia don’t grasp is that their relentless attacks are merely making Trump grow stronger. Each time they give him a chance to counterattack, his legend among the faithful grows.


Their efforts to get Trump out of the way are keeping him front and center in the mind of the public. At times, I could almost swear that Trump is writing this script.

No matter how all of this turns out, Trump’s unwillingness to yield to these commies serves to embolden conservatives and even some of the formerly squishy Republicans.

In the headline, I wrote that I hope he keeps it up. I have little doubt that he will. Backing down just isn’t his jam.

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