The Morning Briefing: Are Democrats Wearying of The Squad's Commie Chick Shtick?

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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. You’ve got something in your teeth.

I won’t be writing about the mostly fictional country of Canada today because I have a feeling there will be plenty more chances to do that this week. I will say, however, that I’ve never liked the place. It’s cold and its bacon is crap.


It’s the beginning of the week so why not begin with a happier subject, say, something like Democrat in-fighting.

Don’t you feel cheerier already?

Ever since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed up in the House of Representatives she and her cadre of loudmouthed mean girls have been a thorn in the side of crusty establishment Democrats. They couldn’t admit that, of course. Mustn’t let the public think that the hive mind is fracturing, after all.

As Rick wrote last week, the trouble in paradise is getting difficult to deny:

American voters, no matter where they live, are not radical, or, at the very least, don’t see themselves as radical. Democrats across the country are rethinking their embrace of some radical policies after realizing the real-world consequences of passing them: streets and cities that are less safe, lingering bitterness over unnecessary culture wars, and conflict and friction in our schools as learning the basics is given short shrift in favor of radical teachings on race, gender, and sex.

The Squad has pushed the boundaries of politics beyond the breaking point and Democrats are having a hard time figuring out how to get back to the center.

The Democrats were lurching leftward long before the arrival of AOC and her gang. What they’ve done though is help drag the party so far to the lunatic fringe left that whatever passes for center with them these days is probably somewhere in Cuba.


Still, it would appear that the Democrats know that the Stalinistas are a problem, which Chris wrote about over the weekend:

Fox News is reporting that Matt Bennett of the center-left organization Third Way has launched a new PAC called Shield PAC to help moderate Democrats — especially women — get elected without the Squad hurting their chances.

The Squad has never had much power beyond social media and — to a lesser extent — the mainstream media, and it’s taken the Democrats this long to figure that out. The elders of the Democrat village have been frightened by something that is all noise and no substance. The problem for them is, they let the Squad push them around for so long that it may be impossible for them to undo the damage. AOC, her always-open mouth, and her friends are officially albatrosses for the Democrats, at least for the next election.

This doesn’t get a lot of play in the mainstream media because the hacks there don’t dare speak ill of the Democrats. As I’ve been writing for years though, whenever two members of the GOP go out to lunch and order something different they rush to file stories about a Republican civil war. As Kurt Schlichter wrote over at Townhall last week, their overwhelming fever dream right now is for one to finally happen.

Sorry kids, that’s what’s going on with the other guys now. Good luck spinning that.


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