The Morning Briefing: We Followed the Science and Got Punished by Twitter

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Be sure to drop by the treehouse for some complimentary sundries.

We are leading off today with an in-house “news” story that’s part of a larger issue that we here in Briefing Land are dealing with: the coordinated assault on truth, conservative media, and free speech by mainstream and social media.


We here at PJ Media are in a bit of an ideological tug-of-war with Twitter right now. That may seem silly to outsiders but we work in media and — for better or for worse — our fortunes are tied in varying degrees to social media. Digital new media grew up at the same time as Facebook and Twitter. In the early days, we began integrating social media into our overall branding and marketing plans. It worked quite well for a long time.

Then they began turning on us.

I’ll let Paula get you up to speed:

We knew this would eventually happen. Twitter has locked PJ Media’s account and is demanding that we delete a tweet that told the truth about Rachel Levine’s gender. You remember Levine. He’s Joe Biden’s transgender assistant secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and, if you believe the Washington Post, the “first-ever female four-star admiral” in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

PJM’s Matt Margolis took issue with that claim in an article titled: “Rachel Levine Is Not the ‘First Female Four-Star Admiral’… Because He’s a Male.

The whole affair began when Matt tweeted out the article with that headline, then our official PJM account did the same. The zealous Twitter book-burning censors wasted little time in locking the accounts. That’s not the same as getting suspended. Our account is still visible, we just can’t do anything with it. If you visit it, it looks like we haven’t posted anything in a week and a half.

To get it unlocked, we are supposed to delete the tweet, which Twitter says means acknowledging a violation of its rules.


I was relaying this to a friend when it first happened and she asked what we were going to do about it. I told her I got the feeling that Paula wanted to dig in and not acquiesce.

And here we are.

Paula offers some of her reasoning:

In 21st-century America, truth is considered a revolutionary idea. Maybe it’s always been that way. But now, more than ever, we need to stand up to the bullies who would force us, maybe at gunpoint in the near future, to lie and to parrot their preferred narrative. We owe it to our kids and grandkids, and to future generations, to tell the truth. We don’t want to look back and say that we lost our freedom because we feared confrontation or retribution or a reduction in clicks.

Our friend and colleague Brandon Morse also wrote about this at our sister site RedState, and offered this conclusion:

This is a fight society should be willing to have. We should be able to speak factually without fear of being punished for it. We should be able to debate in the open without the platform we debate on shifting things in the favor to give one side more advantage over the other and silencing one side of a respectful debate.

Twitter is wrong here, and PJ Media should be supported openly as they stand firm against this ridiculous attempt by Twitter to parrot the “correct” narrative. Tell Twitter that you stand with PJ Media and that they’re wrong for censoring others they disagree with.

The main reason I find all of this so galling is that American leftists are forever running around screaming like a bunch of pants-wetting banshees about conservatives being “SCIENCE DENIERS!” This is coming from a bunch of people who have completely rejected biology in pursuit of the politics of abortion and transgender issues. During the past year and a half, one of their pet phrases has been “Follow the science.” We here at PJM are being penalized for literally doing that in this case.


As I write this, our addled alleged president is attending the U.N. Climate Conference, where he and other world leaders are letting computer models, which are more often than not wrong, be the determinative factors for dictating the policy of a New World Order. These people don’t believe in science any more than I believe I’m going to spend the rest of my days as a billionaire on an island with a bunch of NFL cheerleaders.

This incident highlights one of the reasons I write so much about our VIP subscription program. That wasn’t the purpose of relaying this (I’ll have a longer column about the VIP fun next week), but if your interest is piqued, you can sign up here.

Meanwhile, we will keep following actual science and not being afraid to write about it.

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