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Why More Pre-K Leads to More Brainwashed Children

Why More Pre-K Leads to More Brainwashed Children
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

The outlandishly expensive Democrat social spending bill has many terrible and unnecessary aspects. One that deserves more attention than casual shrugs, however, is the major change in how and by whom children are raised.

With “universal pre-K,” or as a friend more accurately deems it, “federal management of childhood beginning at age 3,” the government is grabbing all the power it can get away with to wield over innocent minds.

If you seek indoctrination, it’s best to start as young as possible, which is why Democrats admire this “pre-pre-K” program that commences when some are still toddlers.

Sunday on Fox News, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg called the effort “utterly transformational and historic, finally getting preschool for every kid in this country.”

As a former teacher, I’ve chronicled how the last 20 months proved again that our failing public education system overwhelmingly sees its duty to form young minds into a new generation of left-wing activists.

Related or not, higher education, which has increasingly become anti-male, has witnessed a colossal loss of interest among young men, who find earning money a better option than going into debt for an unnecessary degree. Females now compose roughly three-fifths of undergraduates, and even progressive institutions are considering some form of affirmative action for males.

Meanwhile, the racial Marxism of critical race theory (CRT) and the dishonest 1619 Project storm through the nation’s public education system, attempting to conflate being white with bigotry. Observing this, leading Democrats tell parents that they should have no say in what their children are being taught. By an overwhelming margin, Democrats believe school boards, rather than parents, should determine curricula.

In northern Virginia, seemingly the epicenter of CRT battles, kindergartners recently were taught to fear the police before schools claimed it was an innocuous mistake. In New York City, four-year-olds are being taught transgender ideology. In Minnesota, the statewide teacher unions fully endorse CRT. And on and on it goes.

If you oppose CRT, teachers’ union goons — when not concocting anti-Semitic statements — will track you down.

So, while parents may like the idea of dumping their children on the government for two additional years, the government will not give you free child care without taking control of your child’s mind. Is the brainwashing of three-year-olds a worthwhile price for “free” child care?