Biden and the Democrats Have Failed America

Biden and the Democrats Have Failed America
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Folks often ask me if the Biden administration “has done anything right” and “how can anyone support Democrats?” Normally I say that’s hyperbole and try to find one positive item, but over nine months in, I can’t.


As even friendly media outlets marvel at disastrous polls, let’s analyze the chaos, division, and ruination the 46th president and his cackling vice president have wrought.

U.S-Mexico border

Team Biden has eradicated the mostly secure southern border that they inherited and converted it into a sieve.

On Democrats’ watch through fiscal year 2021, Customs and Border Protection encountered nearly 1.5 million illegal crossers, up roughly 400% in one year. Democrats happily allow migrants who broke the law into the interior, often to liberal sanctuary cities, where even violent criminal convicts are usually protected.

And despite the harrowing numbers, they remain determined to erase successful, sane policies too.

Last week, Biden inexplicably decided to ponder forcing American taxpayers to give $450,000 to each illegal immigrant separated from his family.


Despite Biden administration spokespeople arrogantly denying it for five months, prices are soaring everywhere. The annual inflation of 5.4% is at a 30-year high, mainly due to Democrats’ spending addiction, which weakens the dollar value. And now, of all times, they hope to spend trillions more.


America became a net oil exporter three years ago for the first time since World War II. To appease the wealthy, misguided green lobby, Biden eradicated that accomplishment on Day 1 by killing the Keystone XL pipeline. Democrats have cut back drilling permits and vilified oil companies. Americans all suffer as gas prices climb upwards of 50% under Biden.



Democrats have vilified and demoralized the police since last summer, causing job loss and weakening public safety.

As the United States suffers through the largest violent crime increase ever recorded and Democrat-run cities are overrun by shoplifters and murderers, a war against the cops continues.

Tuesday in Minneapolis, where the insane anti-police movement began 18 months ago, voters could eliminate the city’s police department.

Biden also now wants “bail reform,” which releases dangerous criminals back into society — in order to advance so-called gender equity.

Race relations

Since the civil rights movement, despite what the left argues, Americans got along better than people anywhere else on earth. Softening racial attitudes culminated in an inexperienced radical elected president twice, mainly due to his skin color.

Apparently uncomfortable with comity, Democrats deployed the regressive 1619 Project to denounce America as racist and irredeemable from its founding. Meanwhile, critical race theory condemns whites as oppressive bigots and portrays blacks as hopeless victims, and when allowed by greedy teachers’ unions to open their gates, schools pound these falsehoods into impressionable young minds.


During his campaign, Biden infamously claimed he would shut down the virus. More people have now died under his watch than under former President Donald Trump’s. I do not blame either leader directly for casualties, but only Biden seeks oppressive mandates and mocks those who disobey.


Afghanistan and abroad

This summer witnessed the worst foreign policy debacle of our lifetime, and there’s no excuse for the catastrophe that occurred. Any sane person — sadly, there were but a few of us from the onset — warned the “no more endless wars” crowd about this immoral surrender.

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And there’s not enough time to review the frightening situations in China, Israel, or Iran.

Against these massive failures, I agree: why would people vote Democrat? Do they want more failure, or are they still expecting different results? Biden’s “not Trump” message may have worked — barely — last year, but with polling in all 50 states released Monday morning showing that suburbanites have turned on the president, it likely will not next fall or in 2024.

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