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Columnist Compares Illegal Aliens to Jews Fleeing Nazis, Demands Taxpayer Tribute

Columnist Compares Illegal Aliens to Jews Fleeing Nazis, Demands Taxpayer Tribute
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Much of the country is aghast over an exclusive Wall Street Journal report that broke Thursday night, revealing the Biden administration may appease the radical ACLU by doling out millions of taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants separated at the U.S.-Mexico border in accordance with immigration enforcement policies.

No sane American agrees with this lunacy, but we do not live in sane times.

A hard left Arizona Republic columnist called Elvia Diaz not only wants to pay the families but is appalled that anyone doesn’t, so she uses offensive Holocaust analogies to make her preposterous points. In a short column as banal as it is absurd, Diaz opens with an emotional rant:

“Republicans say $450,000 is too much to pay families separated at the border. Would it be too much if the government lost your child – some forever?

“What would be the appropriate financial compensation if the government yanked your child from your arms and couldn’t find the child for months or years – or ever?

“If that were to happen to you or somebody you care about, would you still think that $450,000 is too much to compensate for the pain and suffering?

“Would you still tell yourself or others to suck it up and just deal with the trauma and everything else?”

As Victoria Taft wrote Thursday night, “Parents who paid human traffickers $5,000 or more to pile kids in hot boxcars with a bottle of water or led them through the Arizona desert in August over hundreds of miles were understandably traumatized, and for some reason, it’s the U.S.’s fault.”

I would add that nearly a million dollars per family is about what the average American adult earns in his or her entire working life. But besides the numbers, Ms. Diaz, these people knowingly broke the law. A lot of American lawbreakers in US prisons also are separated from their children. Should we reunite them with their kids and give them massive amounts of taxpayer money?

Diaz then gets into some serious bigotry with the worst analogy possible, asking if Republican senators would be irate if the “Central American migrants were, for instance, Jewish [sic] fleeing Nazi Germany? Would the Republicans say the same thing if these migrants separated from their children were, for instance, people from Israel fleeing to save their lives?”

Ah, it’s always about the Jews. Diaz has laid her anti-Semitic cards on the table, disqualifying herself from any rational debate.

She tops it off with some straw man America-bashing by answering her own insipid question: “They wouldn’t, of course, because not all human beings are created equal. Not even in America, a country founded precisely on those ideals.”

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