The Morning Briefing: Can America Survive the Addled Lunatic Biden?

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Never try to smuggle a chalupa anywhere in your pants.

While I am not fond of headlines that are in the form of a question, some questions can’t avoid being asked.


Near the end of this section in last Friday’s Briefing, I said, “I have enough life experience and perspective to know that everything isn’t an existential crisis. Joe Biden’s Reign of Error is starting to make it feel as if the country is in the throes of one, though.” That got me pondering things I would generally prefer to not ponder, but circumstances being what they are, I pondered.

Has alleged President Joe Biden pushed the United States of America to the edge of a cliff that might spell its doom?

No doubt we would all prefer that not to be true. However, the havoc that the doddering moron, who supposedly had 81 million slow kids vote for him, is wreaking makes it nigh on impossible to not consider. Sad Uncle Joe is lurching ever leftward and he’s dousing the country with gasoline and lighting fires everywhere.

Lincoln Brown wrote a great column for us last weekend that likened America’s downward slide to that of the Roman Empire’s disintegration. Here is a snippet from that which became an integral part of the above-mentioned pondering:

You can comb the pages of PJ Media for stories about the corruption, economic incompetence, and lousy domestic and foreign policies that the U.S. shares with the Roman Empire. But what about the moral slide? One might say that the culprits are legion (pun intended). The Grammys, OnlyFans, etc. You name it, you can find something out there to assist you in degrading your body, mind, and soul.

I saw a meme a while back stating that older car manuals used to tell owners how to adjust the valves. Newer car manuals tell users not to drink the battery water. It is probably a joke, but it is apropos. We have become a nation so obsessed with our own stomachs and entertainment and so devoid of critical thinking skills that such a warning would not be out of place.


Obviously, Joe Biden isn’t responsible for America’s modern predilection for the moral sewer. The people who vote for people like him are, however. The shadow cabal running Biden’s brain is empowered by the worst of American society. That’s what turns a merely bad presidency into a constitutional wrecking ball.

The old Joe Biden was a bitterly divisive politician who had no self-control. Now that his brain has turned into tomato soup, it is easy for his un-American handlers to point him in all of the dangerous leftist directions. We aren’t even ten months into this presidency and the country is reeling. His brain may be gone, but Biden seems like he is just physically fit enough to continue being the cabal’s puppet. He’s not going anywhere.

The saddest thing about all of this is that, prior to his mental decline, Biden wouldn’t have been on board with a lot of the lunacy his presidency is forcing upon us. I was never a fan of his, but the old Joe Biden wasn’t a rabid commie.

Forget wondering whether the United States will survive until the 2024 presidential election. We need to worry about Joe Biden’s America making it intact to November 2022.

Again, I never use to be inclined to thinking this way.

But here we are.

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