How Many Times Can Fauci and Co. Get Things Completely Wrong and Still Get Away With It?

How Many Times Can Fauci and Co. Get Things Completely Wrong and Still Get Away With It?
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When CDC Director Rochelle Walensky was asked about the end of the pandemic, she hemmed and hawed, then she blamed YOU.

“We have a lot of the science right now, we have vaccines,” Walensky quipped Thursday to reporters at a Health Coverage Fellowship press meeting. “What we can’t really predict is human behavior. And human behavior in this pandemic hasn’t served us very well.”

Really, Rochelle? I recall when “human behavior” obediently locked down for 15 days, which became 45. We wore masks for a year, and a lot of us still do. Masks that your friends at the EPA declared were marginally effective. We started putting them on toddlers in New York as recently as three weeks ago, even though there have only been 181 children between 0 and 4 years old who have died of the China virus nationwide.

When we were finally allowed to go out, we obediently stood six feet away from one another, only to learn that this idea had come from outdated science.

We stood by as our elected leaders in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan sent our elderly to get slaughtered by COVID in nursing homes, then many of us watched loved ones die on our phones as nurses held a tablet and live-streamed their deaths from hospital rooms we weren’t allowed to enter.

We closed our restaurants, bars, theaters, and gyms for over a year in some places. A lot of small businesses never re-opened. We stood on dots in the grocery store to “save lives.” We dodged our families on holidays. We did it all, only to learn that 66% of COVID patients got infected by staying home.

We watched as dangerous criminals were allowed to walk out of jail, the ultimate lockdown, to avoid COVID, even though prisoners made up fewer than 1% of COVID cases. Thanks for the boost in crime. Murder is up 30% from last year. Weird what happens when you let violent people walk away, right? Who could have foreseen that? Pretty much everyone.

All of this, after our nation’s #1 Infectious-disease clown said COVID wasn’t a major threat in the early days of the pandemic.


We believed Fauci when, on March 9, 2020, he said cruises were safe for healthy people, but 12 days later 30 ships were stranded in the ocean because no ports would allow them in. How is that jackpudding Fauci still employed?

We were told vaccines were the answer. We dutifully lined up for the jab. Today, 78.1% of the total population over 18 years old has been vaccinated, yet more people have died from COVID this year than in 2020. “Breakthrough” cases are now the norm throughout the world.

You now want us to get a booster only six months after getting fully vaccinated. If the first two shots didn’t work, why should we believe this one will?

Speaking of vaccination rates, it’s cute how you “experts” keep changing the definition. First, it was “the number of people over 18 who have been fully vaccinated.” Then it was the “number of people over five years old.” Now it’s the entire population, even though kids don’t need them. Your CDC just set up a meeting to discuss vaccines for kids as young as five years old.

Then there was that time when YOUR CDC changed the definition of the word “vaccination.”

We have done what has been asked of us. The only troubling human behavior I see is coming from you and your stooge Fauci. How many times can you bozos get it wrong and still think we will follow your advice? I’ve seen busboys fired for less.

Have you seen what’s happening in Sweden? They get it. Why don’t you?

Maybe because hacks like you and Fauci have screwed things up since the beginning and you’re in too deep to admit you’ve both dropped the ball. Maybe it was never about keeping people healthy. Perhaps it was always about control and money.

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One thing I do know: We “humans” have “behaved” the way you told us to behave, time and time again, despite the fact that your FUBAR “advice” has gutted our economy and 700,951 people have been killed by COVID anyway.

There’s the old saying: Fool us once, shame on you. Now it’s: Fool us repeatedly, over and over again for 20 months, shame on us.