The Morning Briefing: 'Team Optics Fail' Is Sending Kamala Harris to Vietnam

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Someone Up There Really Doesn’t Like Kamala Harris

Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’m a Clamato kind of guy living in a Cran-Apple world.


Is it the end of the week already?

The end of the world?

OK…that was a little over the top with the gloom and doom, not really my style. Sure, it’s been super craptastic since last weekend, but I’ll be damned if I let the drooling idiot alleged president ruin my mood.

Joe Biden and his political posse have been operating under the complete protection of the Democrat sycophants in the mainstream media for so long now that they seem to have lost all sense of the importance of optics in the 24/7 media era. Otherwise, they would severely limit Biden’s time anywhere near a camera. America doesn’t need to keep seeing its purported leader slurring and disoriented all the time, or walking away from reporters in a huff.

As we discussed yesterday, it’s been a rough week for the administration and its relationship with the beloveds in the MSM. I mean, they made Rachel Maddow cry. Given that, one might assume that they’d be a little more aware of how they want themselves to appear to the public.

Which is why the trip that Kamala Harris is heading off on is a real head-scratcher.

A.J. Kaufman wrote about it yesterday:

Harris, who’s been declining interview requests from major news outlets all week, leaves Friday for a major junket. It won’t be to Europe, but rather Singapore and Vietnam. This is her second international sojourn as vice president, following a disastrous visit to Guatemala and Mexico City in June.

“The prospect of Harris visiting Vietnam at this particular moment raised the possibility of the worst photo op for an American in that country since Jane Fonda donned a helmet there in 1972,” Fox News reported.



After a week of being relentlessly battered with the images from Kabul that reminded everyone of our ignominious departure from Saigon in the 1970s, Team Biden is sending its Number Two off to Vietnam.

Yes, these trips are planned well in advance. They can also be canceled last minute, however. That would have been the prudent thing to do here if the administration had any interest in maybe not looking like complete idiots for once this week.

OR…it’s the kind of thing you go right ahead with if you’re not very fond of your vice president. Bryan, Stephen, and I were discussing that during our latest “Five O’Clock Somewhere” live chat. On the rare occasions that they do let Harris out in public, it’s only to give her thankless or embarrassing tasks, like punting the border mess to her.

Now she gets to be the topic of conversation for all the wrong reasons.

Maybe Biden’s inner circle is hoping this PR nightmare might actually divert attention away from his current display of ineptitude. That may seem outlandish to some, but politicos think like that. It won’t work, of course. Ol’ Gropes has really stepped in it this time. We all know that he’s not going to be remotely functional by the time the 2024 campaign kicks off. This Afghanistan horror might very well hasten the onset of reality for the Democrats. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them are already planning a graceful early exit for him.


Meanwhile, Saigon Kamala has a busy week ahead of her.

Have a great weekend, kids.

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