Air Force Academy Cadets Forced to Watch BLM Video

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The Enemy Within: Air Force Academy Cadets Forced to Watch BLM Video

Incoming cadets to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs are required to watch a “diversity and inclusion” video encouraging them to attend a Black Lives Matter meeting, according to a new report in Wednesday’s Washington Examiner.


The video follows Jose, a minority student, and three friends, while the instructions tell cadets to “decide how you think his friends should respond.” In the first scenario, two of the white friends pressure Jose to attend a Black Lives Matter rally, while the third later posits that the slogan should be “All Lives Matter,” which was later described as a “really problematic” comment.

I’m old enough to remember when our armed forces were the country’s most successfully racially integrated institution in the country.

Mike Brest’s story notes that “critics argue this proves military academies have implemented critical race theory as part of their curriculum.”

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You don’t have to be a critic to make that claim. The “trained Marxist” founders of Black Lives Matter would be happy to make it, too.

Black Lives Matter as an organization has openly espoused Marxism as part of its stated aims, though the phrase is often used to describe concerns about police shootings in black communities.

For those not in the know, Critical Race Theory is a modern take on old-school Marxism. The only difference is that instead of having rich people and the bourgeoisie as the bad guys, it’s white people.


All of them.

So we have straight-up Marxism being taught at taxpayer expense to the men and women who will soon be serving as officers in the United States Air Force.

Is it any wonder we end up with useless buffoons like Gen. Mark Milley — a war commander more concerned with studying “white rage” than winning wars — in charge at the Pentagon?

I live just a few minutes away from the Academy, and it’s always been a source of pride. You can even see it from my father-in-law’s living room, and as a former USAF fighter pilot, you can safely bet that view factored big in his decision to buy that house.

Now the Academy is starting to look more like an enemy encampment.

Not many weeks ago, old friends came into town to send their son off for his freshman “doolie” year at the Air Force Academy.

I bet they’d prefer a return to old-school physical hazing rituals than the psychological abuse behind every CRT lesson.


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